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Friday April 12nd, 2019 evening edition

image for Poll shows 50% of Australians support shifting all sales of new cars to electric vehicles by 2025

Transition to electric vehicles to cut carbon emissions has dominated climate policy debate in the Australian election campaign.

Poll shows 50% of Australians support shifting all sales of new cars to electric vehicles by 2025.

One in two Australians would support shifting all sales of new cars to electric vehicles by 2025, according to polling by the Australia Institute.

The progressive thinktank surveyed a nationally representative sample 0f 1,536 Australians about their attitudes to electric vehicles.

The poll was conducted online between 20 February and 4 March, with representative samples by gender, age and state and territory.

“Australia Institute research shows that Australians across all parties support a national electric vehicle policy – all that’s missing is policy leadership.”.

Merzian said such targets only seemed out of reach for Australia because the country was so far behind in policy and infrastructure. »

Amazon reportedly employs thousands of people to listen to your Alexa conversations

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Amazon reportedly employs thousands of full-time workers and contractors in several countries, including the United States, Costa Rica and Romania, to listen to as many as 1,000 audio clips in shifts that last up to nine hours.

In a response to the story, Amazon confirmed to CNN Business that it hires people to listen to what customers say to Alexa.

The report said Amazon doesn't "explicitly" tell Alexa users that it employs people to listen to the recordings. »

Woman wrecks car after she sees spider riding shotgun with her

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But none of those experts probably had a spider riding with them in the car.

A woman in upstate New York wrecked her vehicle Wednesday after she “noticed a SPIDER in the driver’s area with her,” the Cairo police posted on their Facebook page.

The police admitted that arachnophobia, an extreme or irrational fear of spiders, can be tough to manage. »

Illinois Senate To Trump: Show Tax Returns Or Be Barred From 2020 Ballot

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The Democratic-led Illinois Senate voted Thursday to compel President Trump to release five years’ worth of his personal income tax returns or be barred from appearing on the state’s presidential ballot next year.

“If you want to run for vice president or president of the United States, hey, what’s wrong with providing your tax returns for the past five years?”

The measure now moves to the Illinois House, which like the Senate is heavily controlled by Democrats. »

Man who created own credit card sues bank for not sticking to terms

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Instead, the 42-year-old from Voronezh, Russia, scanned it into his computer, altered the terms and sent it back to Tinkoff Credit Systems.

Mr Argarkov's version of the contract contained a 0pc interest rate, no fees and no credit limit.

Tinkoff apparently failed to read the amendments, signed the contract and sent Mr Argakov a credit card . »