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Sunday April 7th, 2019 night edition

image for Critics say sticker shock at cannabis prices will push customers back to the black market

this week ended without a purchase after he heard the prices and almost had a heart attack.

Police have also pointed to affordable pricing as an important tool to combat organized crime's involvement in the drug trade.

Daisley claims he could buy as much as seven grams of MK Ultra for about $40 from an illicit vendor online.

"I'm making a conscious choice to use the black market rather as opposed to the legal market.

He added police aren't naive enough to think legalization means the black market will die overnight — especially if there's a big price difference.

"We've always recommended to them that if you don't price the product at a market price obviously it does create pressures and black market activity.".

"To compete with the black market in the longer term absolutely we need some of the products priced low. »

Texas Teacher Suspended Over Alleged Ties To White Nationalist Group

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A high school teacher in Texas has been suspended due to his alleged ties to a white nationalist group, HuffPost reported Thursday.

Stephen Arnquist, a Japanese teacher at Skyline High School in Dallas, was accused by an antifa group of belonging to Identity Evropa, one of the most prominent white nationalist groups in America.

This is not the first time a public school teacher has been accused of harboring white nationalist sentiments. »

TIL many people believed Abraham Lincoln was ugly, including himself. Once, when he was accused of being “two-faced” during a debate, he replied, “If I had two faces, would I be showing you this one?”

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That’s because the term “sense of humor” really wasn’t in common usage until the eighteen-sixties and seventies.

In the eighteen-forties and fifties, it was called “the sense of the ridiculous,” and didn’t have the positive connotations that “sense of humor” has today.

In the movie “Lincoln,” Tommy Lee Jones, as the sarcastically vilifying Thaddeus Stevens, exemplifies the funny-cruel connection. »

Longtime Partners Will Ferrell, Adam McKay To Go Their Separate Ways

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EXCLUSIVE: Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have mutually decided to branch out separately and refocus their creative efforts.

I’m told they remain close friends, but it is expected that their Paramount-based production labels will wind down over time.

Ferrell will next star for Netflix in Eurovision, directed by David Dobkin, with whom Ferrell worked in Wedding Crashers. »