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Saturday April 6th, 2019 morning edition

image for Michael Cohen Claims He Has Evidence of Possible Illegal GOP Contributions From China

Cohen served as a deputy finance chair for the RNC, a top fundraising post, from April 2017 through June 2018.

Cohen’s lawyers also sent lawmakers a 12-page memo, first reported by BuzzFeed, outlining evidence Cohen has offered congressional committees about Trump.

The memo mentions Cohen’s knowledge of possible illegal foreign donations in just one sentence, which cites “possible federal campaign finance violations by the Republican National Committee, including possibly illegal conduiting of illegal substantial donations to the RNC by foreign nationals, including from China.”.

This claim comes amid mounting investigative attention to possible illegal contributions from citizens of China and other countries.

Cohen testified in February that Trump had encouraged him to lie by repeating claims they both knew to be false.

Cohen said he understood based on his experience working for Trump that the president expected Cohen to echo those false claims.

But so far, the attorney general has produced less evidence to support his claims than Cohen has to back up his own. »

Measles outbreak: NY pushes to end religious exemptions from vaccinations

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Measles outbreak: Legislators move to end religious exemptions from vaccines amid outbreak.

Similar bills to end religious exemptions in New York failed in the 2015-16 and 2017-18 legislative sessions.

All states allow exemptions for medical reasons, while 47 allow exemptions for religious reasons and 17 also permit “philosophical exemptions.". »

Senate Republicans can’t explain why they keep blocking a resolution calling for the release of the Mueller report

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Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Thursday, once again, blocked a resolution pushing for the public release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

Thus far, the only reasons Republicans have given for their position on the resolution haven’t been particularly convincing.

For now, it seems, that “calculus” is preventing many Senate Republicans — though not all — from fully supporting any kind of public release of the report. »

Sikhs aim to plant million trees as 'gift to the planet'

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The project aims to reverse environmental decline and help people reconnect with nature as part of celebrations marking 550 years since the birth of the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak.

Rajwant Singh, the president of the Washington DC-based environmental organisation EcoSikh, which is coordinating the Million Tree Project, said he wanted to mark the anniversary in a significant way.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Volunteers and children from Longford primary school in Coventry plant trees as part of the Million Tree Project. »