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Tuesday April 2nd, 2019 day edition

image for Bernie Sanders floats modified term limits for Supreme Court justices

(CNN) Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders said Monday he was open to backing a major proposed reform to the makeup of the Supreme Court.

The Vermont independent, following the lead of some progressive legal scholars, floated a plan that would effectively end lifetime, uninterrupted appointments for Supreme Court justices.

"What may make sense is, if not term limits, then rotating judges to the appeals court as well," Sanders said at the We the People Summit in Washington.

"Letting them get out of the Supreme Court and bringing in new blood.".

Sanders stopped short of backing calls to add justices to the court, a strategy gaining steam with a new generation of left-wing activists, who are putting pressure on the Democratic candidates to address their concerns over the current conservative influence on the court with more ambitious plans.

"My worry is that the next time the Republicans are in power they will do the same thing," Sanders said of the court-packing option.

"So I think that is not the ultimate solution.". »

Death row inmates not guaranteed 'painless' execution, U.S. Supreme Court says

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FILE PHOTO: The building of the U.S. Supreme Court is pictured in Washington, U.S., March 18, 2019.

Bucklew failed to show that lethal gas could be “readily implemented” as required under Supreme Court precedent, the court ruled.

When death row inmates seek last-minute stays of execution, courts should individual cases on their merits, Sotomayor said. »

Opinion | A God Problem

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René Descartes, for example, believed that God could do absolutely anything, even the logically impossible, such as draw a round square.

But even if we accept, for the sake of argument, Aquinas’ explanation, there are other problems to contend with.

But if God knows everything, then God must know at least as much as human beings do. »

US will run out of avocados in three weeks if Trump closes Mexico border

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US will run out of avocados in three weeks if Trump closes Mexico border.

US consumers would run out of avocados in three weeks if Donald Trump makes good on his threat to close down the US–Mexico border.

Trump said on Friday that there was a “very good likelihood” he would close the border this week if Mexico did not stop immigrants from reaching the United States. »