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Saturday March 30th, 2019 morning edition

image for If You Cannot Trust Saudis With Bone Saw, Says US Lawmaker, 'You Should Not Trust Them With Nuclear Weapons'

We must do everything we can to make sure the Saudi regime cannot develop nuclear weapons.

Amid the new reports and rising concerns about nuclear weapons, Perry testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday.

The last thing we should be doing is giving Saudi Arabia the tools to make a nuclear bomb.

That’s why we have a law that requires Congress to review the sale of nuclear technology to foreign govts.

Following the committee hearing, DOE issued a statement—which Perry tweeted at Warren—clarifying that he has actually signed seven Part 810 authorizations for Saudi Arabia.

"We must ensure that Saudi Arabia never ends up with the American technology or materials to make a nuclear bomb.". »

Reaction as Brexit vote defeated

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BBC political correspondent Chris Mason says there is lots more talk in Westminster tonight about a possible general election.

"There’s a recognition that there’s a lot of weariness about the potential trip to a polling station," he says.

But he says that "Parliament is running out of road – the prime minister used language to that effect today". »

$200M class-action lawsuit filed over cancellation of Ontario basic income pilot project

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Four Lindsay, Ont., residents in the province’s recent basic income pilot project have filed a $200-million class-action lawsuit against the Ontario PC government over its early cancellation of the project.

READ MORE: City of Kawartha Lakes residents react to final payment from Ontario Basic Income pilot project.

WATCH: Reaction to the cancellation of the basic income pilot project. »

20 years for man behind hoax call that led to fatal shooting

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One hoax emergency call by Barris led police to fatally shoot a Kansas man.

The plea agreement called for a sentence of at least 20 years — well over the 10 years recommended under sentencing guidelines.

The intended target in Wichita, Shane Gaskill, 20, and the man who allegedly recruited Barriss, Casey Viner, 19, of North College Hill, Ohio, are charged as co-conspirators. »