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Thursday March 28th, 2019 morning edition

image for Deutsche Bank turns over records on Donald Trump's business to Maxine Waters' committee

Deutsche Bank has begun to cooperate with the House Financial Services Committee’s investigation into President Trump and has turned over records related to its dealings with him, according to Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., the committee chair.

Waters added that she is satisfied with the level of the company’s cooperation and said her committee will look into “everything” in the bank’s records on Trump.

Earlier this month, the New York Times reported that Deutsche Bank officials saw Trump as a “risky” client and knew he had greatly inflated his wealth in loan applications.

“We know that Deutsche Bank has had a reputation for money laundering for a long time,” Waters told MSNBC earlier this month.

“Deutsche Bank is, you know, the bank that [Trump’s] been dealing with and his family has been dealing with.”.

Waters, who is working with House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff, D-Calif., on an investigation into the president’s finances, is also investigating the bank itself for potential financial crimes.

In 2017, Deutsche Bank was fined $630 million by the Justice Department for laundering money out of Russia. »

Brexit: No majority for any options after MPs' votes

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None of MPs' eight proposed Brexit options have secured clear backing in a series of votes in the Commons.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay said the results strengthened ministers' view their deal was "the best option".

MPs hoped Wednesday's unprecedented series of "indicative votes" would help break the parliamentary deadlock over Brexit. »

FTC Shuts Down 4 Robocall Groups Responsible For Billions of Illegal Robocalls

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The FTC also went after one company that provided the software platform used to make more than one billion illegal robocalls.

With the Federal Trade Commission’s victory in court, they received an order that banned the defendants from making robocalls and most telemarketing activities.

This is not the end of robocalls but hopefully a first step to cracking down on companies who make illegal robocalls. »

Male Birth Control Pill Passes Human Safety Tests

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A new male birth control pill passed tests of safety and tolerability when healthy men used it daily for a month, and it produced hormone responses consistent with effective contraception, according to researchers at two institutions testing the drug.

Wang said most men are open to using this type of male birth control.

This experimental contraceptive, 11-Beta-MNTDC, is a "sister compound" to dimethandrolone undecanoate, or DMAU, the first potential male birth control pill to undergo testing by the same research team. »

Bernie Sanders auf Twitter: "You're damn right.… "

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