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Wednesday March 20th, 2019 evening edition

image for North Texas Stores Raided, CBD Products Seized

Duncanville police say they removed hundreds of pounds of CBD products from two stores, along with more than 30 pounds of what they described as marijuana, in what the stores’ owners described as a big misunderstanding.

The Friday afternoon police raids, at the GM Tobacco stores in Duncanville and Lancaster, left employees stunned.

If you've been out at all recently, you've likely seen the newest health craze -- CBD oil.

Amy Wazwaz, who owns the stores with her husband, said police seized more than $50,000 worth of CBD products.

"They took everything that was remotely related to CBD," Wazwaz said, adding that she would have allowed the police to test anything in her stores, if they’d simply asked.

"They took all the money from the cash register, all the money from our safe," she said of the police.

But the Duncanville Police Department is offering no apologies, with Assistant Police Chief Mark LiVigni, noting in a statement: "Marijuana is illegal in the state of Texas. »

Disney Closes $71.3 Billion Fox Deal, Creating Global Content Powerhouse

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The Walt Disney Co. has closed its $71.3 billion acquisition of large parts of 21st Century Fox, expanding its global reach and content portfolio ahead of the planned launch of its own video streaming service.

In that fiscal year, Disney reported $55.1 billion in revenue and $9.4 billion in net income.

Disney has promised $2 billion in cost savings from the Fox takeover, with some in the industry expecting between 4,000 and 10,000 layoffs. »

Marijuana is the fastest-growing industry in the US job market, according to a new report

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The US added 64,389 full-time legal cannabis jobs in 2018, according to a new report.

The US added 64,389 full-time legal cannabis jobs in 2018, according to a new report from the cannabis website Leafly and the consultancy Whitney Economics.

And that's not counting jobs indirectly related to the marijuana industry, like lawyers, accountants, security consultants, media companies, and marketing firms. »

Elijah Cummings Says Donald Trump Involved in 'Unprecedented Level of Stonewalling, Delay and Obstruction' in House Investigations

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Elijah Cummings, chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, accused the Trump administration of engaging in "an unprecedented level of stonewalling, delay and.

"I have sent 12 letters to the White House on a half-dozen topics—some routine and some relating to our core national security interests," Cummings wrote.

One of the most important investigations the House Oversight Committee is conducting is a review of White House security clearances, Cummings said. »

Man who tackled 'Eggboy' has outstanding warrant on charges relating to church incident

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Man who tackled 'Eggboy' has outstanding warrant on charges relating to church incident.

He has an outstanding non-custodial arrest warrant for the charges of using threats to prevent a clergyman discharging duties and disturbing religious worship.

The altercation prompted the senator to hit the 17-year-old in the face, after which several supporters tackled the teenager and restrained him. »