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Sunday March 17th, 2019 evening edition

image for It’s Time to Attack White Nationalism for the Terror Group It Is

The special pleading around the question of whether to call terrorism by radical Muslims “radical Islamic terrorism” clouded a critical issue.

Now is the time for a global war on white nationalist terrorism.

As The Daily Beast reported on Friday, fewer than one in five FBI cases target white supremacists.

Networks of white nationalist apologists, sympathizers, supporters and facilitators—vital to any terrorist movement—are deeply embedded in the political and social fabric.

Trump is “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose,” as Tarrant wrote in his manifesto.

“The colonized,” he wrote, meaning the embattled white Europeans, “ought not to imitate the methods of the colonizer,” meaning the immigrants to Europe, by adopting terror tactics.

The fight is not against conservatives, the right wing, the alt-right—it is against white nationalist terrorism and its apologists. »

Drug which makes human blood 'lethal' to mosquitoes can reduce malaria spread, study shows

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A drug which poisons mosquitoes when they feed on it could provide a powerful new avenue for tackling malaria.

Treating adults and children with the drug ivermectin helped to control the spread of malaria without causing harmful side-effects, the research led by a team at the Colorado State University found.

If the findings are replicated in larger studies ivermectin’s unique way of working could help reduce the burden of malaria and control mosquito populations. »

The WhatsApp Cofounder Who Sold To Facebook For $19 Billion Tells Students To Delete Facebook

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WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton defended his decision to sell his company to Facebook for $19 billion and encouraged students to delete their accounts from the social network in a rare public appearance at Stanford University on Wednesday.

“I sold my users’ privacy to a larger benefit,” Acton told Forbes in September, detailing the conflicts that eventually led to his departure.

The WhatsApp cofounder called Facebook “a bit of a monoculture,” where he was the outlier. »