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Friday March 15th, 2019 evening edition

image for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out NRA After New Zealand Shootings: 'What Good Are Your Thoughts and Prayers?'

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the attacks at the mosques in Christchurch during Friday prayers could now “only be described as a terrorist attack.”.

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the suspect was an "extremist right-wing violent terrorist.”.

Disturbing footage made by one of the suspects showed him live-streaming the attack as he repeatedly shot his victims.

In the wake of the attack, the New York congresswoman criticized the pro-gun NRA lobbyist group for its use of the phrase “thoughts and prayers”—which politicians and organizations often offer after mass shootings.

“What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?

Dana Loesch, spokeswoman for the NRA, responded to the criticism from Ocasio-Cortez.

“We represent diversity and compassion, a home for those who share our values, a refuge for those who need it. »

The Average U.S. Millennial Watches More Netflix Than TV -- The Motley Fool

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The average Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) subscriber watches about two hours of on-demand streaming video per day, according to the company's VP of original content, Cindy Holland.

And it's a good bet younger users are likely to stream Netflix more than average.

That suggests younger users are watching more Netflix than everything else on TV combined. »

Hallmark Christmas Movies Star Net Worths: Lacey Chabert, Candace Cameron Bure and More

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This holiday season, 34 new Hallmark Christmas movies will debut, filling your television with good tidings and cheer.

Check out the careers of the stars of this year’s Hallmark Christmas movies — and learn how much these cast members are worth.

Lacey Chabert Net Worth: $4 Million A regular in Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, Lacey Chabert starred in “The Sweetest Christmas” in 2017. »

Donald Trump tells Breitbart his supporters can get 'tough'

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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump sparked controversy in a Breitbart interview during which he touted the toughness of his supporters.

Breitbart said Trump was talking about the "vicious" tactics of "the left.".

Trump on Thursday night tweeted a link to the Breitbart homepage but the tweet had disappeared as of Friday morning. »

Capitalism is destroying the Earth. We need a new human right for future generations | George Monbiot

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What just principle equates the numbers in your bank account with a right to own the fabric of the Earth?

Young climate activists around the world: why I’m striking today | Brianna Fruean and others Read more.

This argument was developed by the jurist William Blackstone in the 18th century, whose books were immensely influential in England, America and elsewhere. »