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Friday March 15th, 2019 day edition

image for Bucking NDA, ex-Fox News reporter plans to tell Congress about outlet's role in Trump hush money story

A former Fox News employee plans to tell Congress about allegations the outlet tried to stop her from reporting on the Stormy Daniels controversy during the 2016 election, citing an exception to a non-disclosure agreement she signed.

Falzone’s lawyer, Nancy Erika Smith, told MSNBC on Thursday night that Falzone will now comply under an exception to her NDA with Fox News.

“The law requires that you be allowed to participate in any government investigation — and no NDA can stop that,” Smith said on "The Beat with Ari Melber.".

The New Yorker reported in March that Fox News prevented Falzone from reporting on Daniels’ allegations during the election to protect Trump, which Fox denies.

A former Fox News executive also maintains the story was shelved because it was not journalistically ready, not because of any political agenda.

Many NDA agreements include provisions that broadly bar public statements but still provide exceptions for complying with criminal and government investigations.

“Using NDAs to intimidate and silence government employees and other potential whistleblowers is deeply troubling,” Lieu added in a statement. »

Three in custody after 49 killed in Christchurch mosque shootings

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GEORGE HEARD/Stuff People outside the Deans Ave mosque on the edge of Christchurch's Hagley Park after the Christchurch mosque shootings.

STACY SQUIRES/STUFF Police and members of the public near the mosque on Linwood Ave after the Christchurch mosque shootings.

Ashburton Mosque president Mohamed Diab said armed police closed down the mosque and nearby Jane St about 2.30pm on Friday. »

Apex Legends Players Call For Respawn To Region Lock China

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Florida Mayor Arrested Just Weeks After Taking Over for Florida Mayor Who was Arrested

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A second mayor has been arrested in Port Richey, Florida, 20 days after taking over for the previous mayor, who had been arrested.

Terrence Rowe, 64, was arrested on charges of obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice and use of a two-way communication device to facilitate the commission of a crime.

Source: Not a rerun: A second Port Richey mayor is under arrest. »