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Tuesday March 5th, 2019 evening edition

image for Why Disney Should Add Fox's Fanfare Back to 'Star Wars'

I can make you hear something just by reading four words: 20th Century Fox fanfare.

If you’ve seen a movie in your lifetime, chances are your head is now filled with snare drums, timpani and orchestral horns.

There’s also a fair likelihood that after that 20-or-so-second phrase drifts away into the foggy ether of your mind that another tune might creep in on its heels: the Star Wars theme.

The connection was finally severed in December 2015, three years and two months after Disney purchased Lucasfilm for $4 billion.

The familiar drum roll and roving spotlights of Fox’s opener were, for the first time, absent from a Star Wars title.

The filmmaker insisted it be played before his first Star Wars film, and a renaissance of sorts began for the fanfare.

In that, 20th Century Fox may have accomplished that most elusive of corporate branding goals: Connecting with a fan’s heart, not just their wallet. »

Sudan is witnessing a rise in youth-led, environmental startups who want to protect their country’s future

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In spite of this, Sudan is also witness to a rise in innovative young people who are striving towards a better environmental future for the country.

One of the participants was Dalia Adil, a graphic design graduate who had left her native Sudan to study in Malaysia.

“We are working closely with the Government of Sudan, United Nations agencies, academia, donors and non-governmental organizations to increase climate resilience and environmental management in Sudan. »

Trump kills preferential no-tariff for India imports: At heart of dispute, stents

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US plan to end preferential trade status won't have much impact: India India exports goods worth $5.6 billion under the GSP, and the duty benefit is only $190 million annually, commerce secretary Anup Wadhawan said on Tuesday.

"GSP withdrawal will not have a significant impact on India's exports to the US," the secretary added.

But he made it symbolic of the trade fight he has picked up across the world. »