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billc8969 on January 9th, 2019 at 02:46 UTC »

I used to hate it every time one of my stupid cousins would mess up something nice of mine and my parents would always lie to me and tell me that they would get me a new one just to shut me up.

GypsyNicks on January 9th, 2019 at 07:41 UTC »

Had an vintage Lundby dollhouse that I passed down to my daughter, So detailed and all the wood furniture is from Sweden. My daughter, at 6 years old, took such good care of that dollhouse. My 8 year old niece came to visit with my sister. I hear my daughter in her room screaming. When we ran in my niece had took every piece of furniture and lamps out and had stomped them to pieces and was laughing. My sister took her home, never yelled at her or offer to pay for replacement. We could never replace any of it for my daughter.

link_isnot_zelda on January 9th, 2019 at 10:29 UTC »

When one of my cousins was younger, she was an absolutely horrible kid. Wasn’t able to sit down longer than 2 minutes, climbed the garage, injured her pet hamster, attempted hitting her parents/other adults, etc.

I knew she was a really bad kid so whenever they came over I tried my best to keep her out of my room.

Once when they were over, I had to leave for work so I told my uncle (her dad) to make sure that she does not enter my room, at all.

Came home later to find my expensive water colour paints opened and smeared on my desk where I paint, almost completely emptied out.

My aunt and uncles reasoning was “well she said she was going to be good, and only wanted to see your room.”

How they even trusted her, I have no idea.

Edit: I’ve been getting a lot of questions asking the following:

Did they replace/pay for the paints: My uncle did, yes, he paid for as much of it as he could, which I appreciated. His wife (technically my aunt but I refuse to associate her with my family) was the one who did not want to pay back, because to her they were “just paints”.

Regarding if they are shitty parents: My uncle is a pretty great parent from what I’ve seen over the years, he will both love and discipline his kids. His wife is the one that thinks any discipline (vocal, physical, doesnt matter) will harm their daughter.

Also, regarding why I dont consider my “aunt” a part of the family: I call her by her first name/refer to her as his wife because over the years being married to him, she has constantly tried to pull my uncle away from his own family. My mom, his sister, rarely sees him and even was once told by his wife to stop calling every weekend because “they’re busy and don’t have time to talk to us”. He’s also rarely had a chance to visit other family he has that are farther away/in Europe too.