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Sunday January 6th, 2019 evening edition

image for Half of people who think they have a food allergy do not – study

Half of people who think they have a food allergy do not – study.

The number of adults who think they have a food allergy is almost double the figure who actually have one, research has revealed.

The researchers found that many people with an allergy do not have a prescription for potentially life-saving medication, while others might be avoiding foods unnecessarily.

The study suggests almost 11% of adults in the US have a food allergy, equating to more than 26 million people.

About 12 million of these are estimated to have developed the allergy as an adult, highlighting that allergies do not only begin in childhood.

“I often see patients who think that they have a severe allergy who either aren’t allergic or who have mild allergy.

“Unfortunately … we have a shortage of physicians who are trained in adult allergy and so this amplifies these kinds of problems. »

TSA officers at Sea-Tac on verge of quitting over lack of pay

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TSA officers at Sea-Tac on verge of quitting over lack of pay (PHOTO: KOMO News).

At Sea-Tac Airport, Transportation Security Administration officers are showing the strains of working without a paycheck and some are threatening to quit.

Because the government considers them “essential,” TSA officers remain on the job during the federal shutdown. »

Disturbing Video of Drake Fondling and Kissing 17-Year-Old Girl Surfaces

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And the day after Surviving R. Kelly aired, a disturbing video surfaced on Twitter featuring the rapper Drake.

In the video, shot years ago, he is seen taking a break from performing, and welcomes a fan up on stage from the audience—a young woman.

In September of last year, reports emerged suggesting that Drake was in a romantic relationship with 18-year-old model Bella Harris, whom he’d known since she was 16. »

Exclusive: Amazon says 100 million Alexa devices have been sold

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On the one hand, 100 million pales in comparison to the number of phones that have either Siri or Google Assistant pre-installed.

As just one example, Limp doesn’t seem too worried that third-party Alexa devices will hurt the Alexa brand.

The result for Amazon is a big lead in the raw number of devices that either support Alexa directly or can be controlled by Alexa through skills. »

Soft drink turned toddler 'yellow'

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Drink manufacturers American conglomerate Procter and Gamble were responding to reports from a paediatrician that a four-year-old he saw was a "yellowy colour" after drinking too much Sunny Delight.

Dr Duncan Cameron, from Glan Clywd hospital near Rhyl had the child brought to him after her hands and face turned bright orange and yellow.

"The condition is harmless, there is no health risk and skin will return to normal in a few weeks.". »