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Saturday January 5th, 2019 morning edition

image for Trump threatened to keep the government closed for 'months or even years,' Schumer says

President Donald Trump on Friday said he told Democrats earlier in the day that he would keep the government partially closed for years, or as long as it takes to get funding for his proposed border wall.

Trump also asserted that he had the authority to declare a national emergency and build the wall without congressional approval.

In comments delivered from the White House Rose Garden, Trump painted a different picture from Democrats about a two-hour meeting that took place between the president and top Democrats.

Trump described the meeting as "very productive" and said he had designated a group to advance talks over the weekend.

Democrats described the negotiation as "contentious" and showed little optimism about ending a partial government shutdown.

Trump threatened to keep nine U.S. departments closed "for a very long period of time — months or even years" — until he gets the funding, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

"Absolutely, we could call a national emergency because of the security of our country," Trump said. »

Brazil’s New President Moves to Kick Indigenous People off Their Land Just Hours After Taking Office

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The move came a day after Bolsonaro signed a provisional measure dismantling FUNAI, Brazil’s bureau of indigenous affairs.

Under the 1988 constitution, indigenous territories grant exclusive use of land to indigenous peoples, explained Shenker.

Without official territorial boundaries to protect the land of they live on, some indigenous people are at risk of extinction, Shenker said. »

Australians care if politicians tell lies, but people in the US don’t

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Researchers who asked people in the US their views on politicians who frequently bend the truth found that fact-checking had little impact, whereas for Australians it did change their political opinions.

The findings in Australia are positive and encouraging, says team member Stephan Lewandowsky of the University of Bristol in the UK.

They suggest fact-checking is a genuine counter to politicians who regularly make false statements. »

No one has set foot on the moon in almost 50 years. That could soon change.

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Working with commercial partners and the space agencies of other nations, NASA is planning on building a moon-orbiting space station as well as a permanent lunar base.

On Thursday, China successfully placed a lander and rover on the far side of the moon — a first for any nation.

"Maybe when a Chinese astronaut is standing on the moon and sending back a video image then our Congress will ask 'who lost space?'". »

Gov. Reynolds: Allowing Birth Control Without Prior Prescription Is 'The Right Thing To Do'

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Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds said Thursday she will try to enact a law that would allow Iowans to get birth control pills directly from a pharmacist without seeing a doctor first.

Reynolds first mentioned the policy at a debate late in her campaign against Democrat Fred Hubbell.

It came as a surprise to some, because she signed one of the country’s strictest abortion measures into law in May. »