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Wednesday January 2nd, 2019 day edition

image for Trump’s shutdown has paralyzed immigration courts. Oh, the irony.

IN THE name of securing the border and keeping out illegal immigrants, President Trump has opted for a partial government shutdown.

Irony of ironies, that shutdown has paralyzed the nation’s immigration courts, shuttering many of them and allowing several hundred undocumented immigrants to dodge deportation orders each day the shutdown continues.

They are among many hundreds of others whose cases will be postponed for years — or, in effect, indefinitely — for every day the closure lasts.

Those are among the more perverse effects of the Trump shutdown, which has resulted in many of the nation’s roughly 400 immigration judges receiving furlough orders, barring them from coming to work or hearing cases.

The immigration courts are already massively jammed: The backlog is now 1.1 million cases.

That means in the 11 days of the shutdown so far, thousands of cases have already been postponed.

What distinguishes the Trump shutdown is that it contravenes the president’s own long-standing insistence on a more rational and efficient immigration system, as he himself defines it. »

Washington bans anyone under 21 from buying assault rifles

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Starting Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2019, no one under the age of 21 in Washington state will be allowed to purchase a "semi-automatic assault rifle," under a voter-approved initiative that passed in November.

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington on Tuesday joined a handful of other states that ban anyone under 21 from buying a semi-automatic assault rifle after voters passed a sweeping firearms measure in November that has drawn a court challenge from gun-rights advocates.

The ballot initiative seeks to curb gun violence by toughening background checks for people buying assault rifles, increasing the age limit to buy those firearms and requiring the safe storage of all guns. »

'We are not robots': Amazon warehouse employees push to unionize

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They need to have a union put in place,” said an Amazon worker who requested to remain anonymous.

They have to be more supportive toward their employees,” said another Amazon employee in Staten Island.

Amazon fulfillment centers aren’t the only part of Amazon where workers started organizing efforts in 2018. »

The great transatlantic chocolate divide

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But is there a transatlantic sweet tooth divide, and might we end up with more "American-tasting" chocolate?

Chocolate maker Cadbury is defending itself against a £10bn hostile takeover bid from the American produce giant Kraft Foods.

But the cocoa content isn't the only thing which separates British chocolate from its American namesake. »

Car loan statistics 2019

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Many auto loans are secured by your car, using it as collateral for the loan.

If you were in the hot seat, could you guess the percentage of Americans that are currently paying off a car loan?

A high 44% of American adults — nearly half of us — are relying on an auto loan to pay for our car. »