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Tuesday January 1st, 2019 evening edition

image for The White House is now a madhouse: The next President will make America greater just by showing up

Trump has that effect on people.

It’s hard to believe we’re into another year and he’s still the President of the United States.

The shock of it has not worn off.

Often when I see him on TV, I react with a kind of nausea: Him!

Yes, yes, but how did we elect such a dummy, such a liar, such a baby, such a fool, such a dirty man?. »

State's new smoking laws go into effect

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Industrial farming is one of the worst crimes in history

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When the first humans reached Australia about 45,000 years ago, they quickly drove to extinction 90% of its large animals.

Today, more than 90% of all large animals are domesticated (“large” denotes animals that weigh at least a few kilograms).

If you measure success in terms of numbers, chickens, cows and pigs are the most successful animals ever. »

Pokemon CEO: Developing For Nintendo Switch Was Tougher Than We Thought

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One of the things discussed was Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu/Eevee, the first mainline Pokemon game to ever appear on a Nintendo home console.

Ishihara said making a mainline game on Nintendo Switch was “more difficult than what we expected”.

Ishihara joked some on the team could have believed it was “5 times harder” to make a Pokemon game on Switch, as compared to making a Pokemon game on a handheld such as Nintendo 3DS. »