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Monday December 31st, 2018 morning edition

image for Californian law change means pet shops can sell only rescued animals

California is set to become the first state in the US to ban the sale of non-rescue animals in pet shops.

The new law, known as AB 485, takes effect on 1 January.

The change means cats, dogs and rabbits sold by retailers cannot be sourced from breeders, only from animal shelters.

The new state-wide law, approved in late 2017, will now require shops to maintain sufficient records of where they sourced each animal, for periodic checks by authorities.

Some Californian shop owners have raised concern the law could put them out of business.

AB 485 is the first state-wide law of its kind, although other places have enacted similar regulations on pet sales on a local level.

Lucy's law, named after a mistreated cavalier King Charles spaniel, also aims to combat low-welfare animal breeding. »

California limits pet store sales of cats, dogs and rabbits to rescue or shelter animals only

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(CNN) California pet stores soon will be allowed to sell dogs, cats and rabbits only if they come from shelters or non-profit rescue organizations.

Under legislation going into effect on January 1, store operators also will have to be able to provide records of origin for the animals or face a $500 penalty per animal.

Under the law, individuals are still allowed to buy from private breeders, but stores are prohibited from doing so. »

Precious Packages- America's Parcel Post Service

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Farm families, having made Rural Free Delivery a nation-wide success, were especially anxious to welcome the new service.

But with the combination of RFD and Parcel Post, package service was provided right from their mailbox.

The popularity of parcel post was also evident as postal officials increased the allowable weight of parcels. »