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Sunday December 30th, 2018 morning edition

image for Stop adding cancer-causing chemicals to our bacon, experts tell meat industry

The reputation of the meat industry will sink to that of big tobacco unless it removes cancer-causing chemicals from processed products such as bacon and ham, a coalition of experts and politicians warn today.

“Government action to remove nitrites from processed meats should not be far away,” Malhotra said.

“Nor can a day of reckoning for those who dispute the incontrovertible facts.

The meat industry must act fast, act now – or be condemned to a similar reputational blow to that dealt to tobacco.”.

Data from 262,195 British women suggested reduced consumption of processed meat could lower the risk of breast cancer.

The coalition says the meat industry claims nitrites are essential to combat botulism and infection.

Ocado also sells nitrite-free streaky bacon fromNorthamptonshire-based Houghton Hams and a nitrite-free prosciutto from Unearthed. »

Our universe: An expanding bubble in an extra dimension

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Uppsala University researchers have devised a new model for the Universe - one that may solve the enigma of dark energy.

Their new article, published in Physical Review Letters, proposes a new structural concept, including dark energy, for a universe that rides on an expanding bubble in an additional dimension.

We have known for the past 20 years that the Universe is expanding at an ever accelerating rate. »

Trump issues executive order freezing federal workers' pay in 2019

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Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump issued an executive order Friday freezing federal workers' pay for 2019, following through on a proposal he announced earlier in the year.

Trump told lawmakers he planned to scrap the 2019 pay bump for federal workers in August, saying the federal budget couldn't support it.

Trump also stressed that a pay freeze would not affect the federal government's ability to attract qualified workers. »

Nirvana Sues Marc Jacobs for Stealing Smiley Face Design

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Nirvana Sues Marc Jacobs for Stealing Smiley Face Design.

Nirvana's famous smiley face design was stolen by clothing brand Marc Jacobs ... so says the band in a new lawsuit.

Problem is, Nirvana has owned the trademark to a very similar smiley face design since 1992 ... and says "Bootleg Redux Grunge" is a blatant ripoff of the design. »