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Tuesday December 25th, 2018 evening edition

image for The ‘clean plate’ mentality drives us to overeat. To-go bags can help.

Vanderbilt marketing professor Kelly Haws calls her latest research “Justifying by Healthifying,” in the journal Appetite.

“So, one could argue that good advice for someone trying to manage their food intake would be not to clean their plate.”.

Professor of Marketing at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, studies consumer behavior, with a particular focus on food consumption behaviors and food decision-making.

Study participants were served individual plates of cookies with a varying number of cookies on each plate, and instructed to eat three cookies.

We’re more likely to give ourselves permission to overeat by telling ourselves that it’s not as unhealthy as it may actually be.

As in the previous experiment, participants were more tempted to eat just one more when there was only one left.

“However, providing another mechanism for consumption closure, such a doggy bag, dampens the effect of wanting to eat more,” Haws said. »

Dow drops 653 points in worst Christmas Eve trading day ever

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Both major stock indexes nosedived on Monday in the worst day of Christmas Eve trading ever following tweets from President Donald Trump criticizing the Federal Reserve, according to CNBC.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 653 points, falling below 22,000, on Monday and the S&P 500 entered a bear market after tanking more than 20 percent from a previous high.

The next worse Christmas Eve market closure prior to Monday's was in 1985 when both indexes fell just over .6 percent, CNBC reported. »

Will Ferrell thought Elf would ruin his career

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But while the cast and crew making the movie believed it was destined to be a holiday hit, leading star Will Ferrell was actually worried it would ruin his career.

Ferrell was asked by Corden about rumours he was worried for his career during filming, and he replied: "Yeah, there were moments.

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Pope slams 'insatiable greed' at Christmas Eve Mass

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According to the New Testament, Christ was born in a Bethlehem stable and was then placed in a manger.

The 82-year-old pontiff led the midnight mass before nearly 10,000 people gathered in St. Peter's Basilica, the biggest Christian church in the world.

Since becoming the Church's leader in 2013, Francis has focused on the issues of poverty and inequality. »

Democrat wants to block Paul Ryan's gym access during government shutdowns

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A Democratic lawmaker has introduced legislation to close the gym and sauna reserved for members of Congress during a government shutdown.

Rep. Bill Foster, D-Ill., announced the bill in a statement Sunday after the start of the latest partial government shutdown.

The only essential task Members of Congress have during a government shutdown is negotiating an end to the shutdown,” Foster continued. »