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Tuesday December 25th, 2018 day edition

image for Democrat wants to block Paul Ryan's gym access during government shutdowns

A Democratic lawmaker has introduced legislation to close the gym and sauna reserved for members of Congress during a government shutdown.

Rep. Bill Foster, D-Ill., announced the bill in a statement Sunday after the start of the latest partial government shutdown.

“President Trump and Congressional Republicans’ refusal to pass and sign a clean continuing resolution to reopen government is an abdication of their responsibilities as elected officials," Foster said.

"During the Trump Shutdown, however, Republican leadership continues to deem the Congressional spa used by Members of the House of Representatives to be ‘essential.’".

The only essential task Members of Congress have during a government shutdown is negotiating an end to the shutdown,” Foster continued.

The government partially shut down at midnight Friday, and more than 420,000 federal workers who are considered “essential” will now work without pay during the shutdown.

Foster, who represents the 11th Congressional District of Illinois, is a co-sponsor of the Federal Employees’ Retroactive Pay Fairness Act which would guarantee back pay to federal employees after a government shutdown. »

Parliament Rejects Motion To Ban Marriage Of Girls Under Thirteen

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A parliamentary motion banning child marriage in Iran has been rejected by Majles (parliament), an MP reported.

Without referring to a time frame, Ms. Seyavoshi announced that more than 300 girls under nine, and between 30,000 to 40,000 girls under 13-14 years old marry in Iran.

The Islamic Republic’s civil code stipulates that the legal age of marriage in Iran is thirteen for girls and fifteen for boys. »

One Of The 'Real People' From That Chevy Commercial Speaks Out

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Thankfully, one of the “real people” just broke their NDA and spoke to The A.V. Club about the whole experience.

The person did the interview on the condition of anonymity, but The A.V. Club claimed they did a “a thorough background check.”.

A nondescript agency recruited this man on the street and asked if he was interested in participating in paid market research. »

Ex-NATO commander: Allies wondering if Trump was blackmailed to pull troops out of Syria

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A former commander of NATO said allies of the U.S. are asking whether President Trump was blackmailed by Turkey to pull U.S. military forces out of Syria.

"People around the world are asking this and some of our friends and allies in the Middle East are asking, did Erdogan blackmail the president?

With American forces departing, the U.S. will leave 10,000 Kurdish troops open to attack by Turkey. »