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Friday December 21st, 2018 night edition

image for You’re not quitting Facebook if you still use Instagram and WhatsApp

And after all, between apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, you’ve got all the social media you need.

Sadly, I am here to burst your bubble, if you weren’t already aware: Instagram and WhatsApp are both run by Facebook.

Facebook has pushed the apps closer to its main network over the years, allowing users to connect the apps to their Facebook account, and even sharing data between services.

Facebook has also offered advertisers the ability to reach Instagram and Facebook users with the same campaign.

To truly cut Facebook out of your life, as best you can, you’ll have to leave all the services it owns.

Here’s our guide for deleting Facebook but making sure you keep all the photos you’ve added to it over the years.

You have to tell Instagram why you’re choosing to delete your account, then re-enter your password again, and then you can delete away. »

Are the late Stephen Hawking’s religious beliefs typical of U.K. scientists?

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In a new study, researchers from Rice University, Baruch College and West Virginia University find that U.K. scientists are indeed significantly less religious than the U.K. general population.

In addition, U.K. scientists at elite universities are more likely to never attend religious services than those at less prestigious schools.

The study also indicates biologists are more likely to never attend religious services than physicists. »

Disney executive confirms Pirates of the Caribbean reboot without Johnny Depp

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A Disney film executive has confirmed reports of a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot without Johnny Depp.

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been a hugely popular one of the years but with its lustre fading and the drawing ability of Johnny Depp also declining, Disney is reported to be rebooting the franchise without its main star.

This has now been confirmed by Disney film production chief, Sean Bailey in a recent interview with THR. »