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Wednesday December 19th, 2018 night edition

image for How Samsung dominates South Korea's economy

But in its home market of South Korea, the huge company is a whole lot more than just a tech brand.

Its businesses reach deep into many parts of people's lives, from the cradle to the grave.

South Koreans can be born in a Samsung-owned medical center, grow up learning to read and write with the help of Samsung tablets and go on to attend the Samsung-affiliated Sungkyunkwan University.

They may then live in a Samsung-built apartment complex, fitted out with the company's appliances and electronics.

South Koreans can even end up at a Samsung funeral parlor when they die.

Samsung is one of South Korea's chaebols -- large, family-controlled conglomerates that have dominated the country's economy for decades.

However, the powerful corporations' close ties to the South Korean political elite are now facing unprecedented scrutiny. »

Donald Trump signed letter of intent over Moscow Trump Tower project, leaked document reveals

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Donald Trump signed a letter of intent to begin negotiations over building a Trump Tower in Russia, a leaked document has revealed, despite the president’s lawyer insisting no such signature existed.

On Sunday, Rudy Giuliani, Mr Trump’s lawyer and chief representative, admitted the existence of the letter but insisted “no one signed it”.

The publication of the letter vindicates Mr Cohen, who told congress in 2017 Mr Trump had signed the document. »

Facebook let tons of companies get info about you, including Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft

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Facebook has admitted it allowed other big tech companies to read users' private messages, but denies it did so without consent.

The report on Tuesday also said it permitted Microsoft's Bing search engine to view the names of nearly all of a Facebook user's friends without consent.

Facebook said it enabled partner companies like Spotify to access users' private messages after a user had signed into Facebook through the partner company's app. »

Syria conflict: US officials withdraws troops after IS 'defeat'

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It had been thought defence officials wanted to maintain a US presence to ensure IS did not rebuild.

There are also fears a US withdrawal will cede influence in Syria and the wider region to Russia and Iran.

Russia said on Wednesday it would continue with its own sale of an advanced missile defence system to Turkey. »

Powder could help cut CO2 emissions

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Scientists at the University of Waterloo have created a powder that can capture CO 2 from factories and power plants.

The powder, created in the lab of Zhongwei Chen, a chemical engineering professor at Waterloo, can filter and remove CO 2 at facilities powered by fossil fuels before it is released into the atmosphere and is twice as efficient as conventional methods.

CO 2 molecules stick to the surface of carbon when they come in contact with it, a process known as adsorption. »