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Monday December 17th, 2018 day edition

image for New report shows Russia used every major social media tool to help Trump

“Trump is mentioned most in campaigns targeting conservatives and right-wing voters, where the messaging encouraged these groups to support his campaign.

The new report offers the latest evidence that Russian agents sought to help Trump win the White House.

Despite their work, some Republicans on Capitol Hill continue to doubt the nature of Russia’s meddling in the last presidential election.

Many other groups - Latinos, Muslims, Christians, gay men and women, liberals, southerners, veterans - got at least some attention from Russians operating thousands of social media accounts.

The Russian effort also used email accounts from Yahoo, Microsoft’s Hotmail service and Google’s Gmail.

Across all three years covered by the report, Russian Instagram posts generated 185 million likes and 4 million user comments.

The report found operatives also began buying Google ads to promote the “BlackMatters US” website with provocative messages such as, “Cops kill black kids. »

Father of Guatemalan girl who died in US custody has 'no complaints' about her treatment

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Still, his lawyers called for an investigation that "will assess this incident within nationally recognized standards for the arrest and custody of children.

"Jakelin's father took care of Jakelin -- made sure she was fed and had sufficient water," the statement said.

Garcia said the father and daughter were not part of the well-publicized migrant caravan that traveled to the US border. »

Inside LeBron James’s New $8 Million Public School, Where Students Get Free Bikes, Meals, and College Tuition

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The unusual school is a public school formed in collaboration between James’ philanthropic foundation and Akron Public Schools.

James, who has won three NBA championships and four league-MVPs, called the school opening the greatest moment of his career.

The school selected area students from among those who trail their peers by a year or two in academic performance. »

Trump Biographer: President’s Entire Campaign Was Likely a ‘Criminal Conspiracy’

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The biographer and columnist then goes on to dissect Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s distraction-based defense strategy.

“When you have Rudy Giuliani as the carnival barker, distracting people, focusing only on campaign finance issues, focusing inaccurately on campaign finance issues.

It distracts from the larger halo of illegality hanging over this entire Trump team,” O’Brien continued. »

Irish scientists prove Vitamin D levels linked to depression

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New study finds vitamin D deficiency is associated with 75% increase in the risk of developing depression in older Irish adults.

Vitamin D or the ‘sunshine vitamin’ is essential for bone health and deficiency, and has recently been linked with other non-bone health outcomes such as inflammation and diabetes.

- Vitamin D deficiency was associated with a 75% increase in the risk of developing depression by 4 years. »