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Thursday December 13rd, 2018 morning edition

image for Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen sentenced to 3 years in prison

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen was sentenced Wednesday to three years in federal prison, followed by three years of supervised release, during a sentencing hearing in federal court in Manhattan in which Cohen claimed he acted out of "blind loyalty" to President Trump.

Cohen will turn himself in for his "smorgasbord" of fraudulent crimes March 6, the judge said.

That sentencing stemmed from Cohen pleading guilty to campaign finance violations related to payments to women alleging affairs with Mr. Trump.

Cohen will serve his term concurrently with a two-month sentenced imposed for lying to Congress over a proposed Trump Tower Moscow project, a charge brought by special counsel Robert Mueller.

In court Wednesday, Cohen claimed loyalty to Mr. Trump led him to "take a path of darkness instead of light."

Cohen described being in a "mental and physical incarceration," blaming his ties to the president as what brought him before the court Wednesday.

Cohen attorney Lanny Davis said in a statement that Cohen "continues to tell the truth about Donald Trump's misconduct" — and looks forward to sharing more publicly. »

Push to Restore Net Neutrality Stymied by Dems in Congress

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Net neutrality proponents now have less than two weeks to convince 38 House lawmakers to support an effort to overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality.

Net neutrality activists—and in particular, the organization Fight for the Future—have formed campaigns to target those Democrats who’ve yet to sign the discharge petition.

This argument is oft-used by Republican lawmakers and net neutrality opponents when attempting to derail congressional efforts to overturn the FCC’s decision. »

Trump administration to strip pollution protections, harming vital wildlife

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The Trump administration is planning to strip Obama-era pollution protections from thousands of US streams and millions of acres of wetlands, in a move environmentalists warn will harm vital wildlife and could allow pollution into drinking water.

The vast network of waterways covered by the current protections provide drinking water to around 117 million Americans.

Zinke added that there is a “lot of anger in the west over federal overreach” which he claimed Trump administration was addressing. »

Sean Hannity busted deleting his old Michael Cohen tweets

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Fox News host Sean Hannity appears to have deleted numerous tweets related to President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen just hours before the lawyer was sentenced to three years in jail Wednesday.

Cohen, who pled guilty to numerous charges surrounding fraud, campaign finance violations, and lying to Congress, was also revealed last April to be representing Hannity as well.

According to, Hannity has now deleted upwards of 280 tweets, five of which were related to Cohen. »