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Sunday December 9th, 2018 morning edition

image for Don Jr. is laying low due to feared Mueller indictment, but still picking fights with Ocasio-Cortez

Amid the many details in Cohen’s latest plea deal with Mueller was the disclosure that Donald Trump Jr., the president’s oldest son, likely lied to Congress about his family’s business in Russia.

Trump Jr. has reportedly told friends that he’s very worried about being indicted.

Trump Jr. declared a meme about the 29-year-old Democratic socialist — who is the youngest woman ever elected to Congress — and eating dogs was “funny cuz it’s true!!!”

I have noticed that Junior here has a habit of posting nonsense about me whenever the Mueller investigation heats up.

Trump admitted earlier this year that he personally dictated a false statement from Trump Jr. about the meeting.

Don Jr.’s legal troubles were reportedly the talk of a recent Trumpworld wedding, per Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman.

According to the source, Don Jr. departed this week on a hunting trip to Canada. »

Millions Of Comments About The FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Were Fake. Now The Feds Are Investigating.

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Two organizations told BuzzFeed News, each on condition that they not be named, that the FBI delivered subpoenas to them related to the comments.

The Justice Department is investigating whether crimes were committed when potentially millions of people’s identities were posted to the FCC’s website without their permission, falsely attributing to them opinions about net neutrality rules, BuzzFeed News has learned.

Do you have information about fraudulent FCC comments? »

School turns students' lunch debt over to collection agency

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CRANSTON, RI (WJAR) Rhode Island's Cranston School District hired a collection agency to recover unpaid student lunch balances.

"In an effort to reduce our unpaid balance, the District has retained the services of a collection agency.

The company is Transworld Systems and they will begin their collection efforts effective January 2, 2019," the letter said. »

Shell Oil Executive Boasts That His Company Influenced the Paris Agreement

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Shell oil helped write the Paris climate agreement, according to a top Royal Dutch Shell executive.

Hone was candid about just how much of a hand his company — through their involvement with the International Emissions Trading Association — had in writing the Paris agreement.

“We have had a process running for four years for the need of carbon unit trading to be part of the Paris agreement. »