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Saturday December 1st, 2018 night edition

image for Parents: Take a timeout before you force your child to apologize

ANN ARBOR—Parents who force unremorseful kids to apologize to others before they’re truly sorry may do more harm than good.

That’s because the point main point of an apology—to express remorse and repair relationships—is lost because children may dislike the apologizer even more after the insincere apology than before.

Children know when you mean you’re truly sorry.

The new study from the University of Michigan looked at whether children distinguish between willingly given and coerced expressions of remorse—and they do.

The findings suggest that exploring ways to help your child learn to have empathy for the victim, thus ensuring a sincere apology, is more constructive than immediately coercing a reluctant “I’m sorry.”.

How can parents help their young children respond with empathy after they’ve upset another person, and ultimately deliver a willing apology?.

“When your child is calm, help them see how the other person is feeling, and why,” Smith said. »

'Anti-vax' movement blamed for 30 per cent jump in measles cases worldwide

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The World Health Organization said the worrying trend of resurgent measles cases was a near global phenomenon, but the causes varied among regions.

In Europe, experts blamed the problem in part on complacency and misinformation about a vaccine proven to be both effective and safe.

Measles is a highly contagious disease, which can cause severe diarrhoea, pneumonia and vision loss and can be fatal in some cases. »

Cohen: Trump Knew I Called Kremlin for Help With Trump Tower Moscow

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Another bombshell lobbed by Michael Cohen exploded late Friday night: He says he told Donald Trump about a phone call to the Kremlin asking for the Russian government’s help to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in 2016.

Cohen’s lawyers added Friday that Trump was briefed by Cohen on this extraordinary request of the Kremlin while Trump was running for president.

When news of the Trump Tower Moscow proposal broke into the open in 2017, Cohen was called to Capitol Hill to explain his role in it and other Russia-related matters. »