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Monday November 26th, 2018 evening edition

image for The GOP is now the party of neo-Confederates

The far left and far right have long been warning about neocons taking over the Republican Party.

Many of us have left the GOP in disgust over the rise of Trumpism.

Trump calls her “an outstanding person who is strong on the Border, Crime, Military, our great Vets, Healthcare & the 2nd [Amendment].”

In 2014, Hyde-Smith was photographed posing with a Confederate hat and a rifle at the Jefferson Davis homestead in Biloxi.

Hyde-Smith is a neo-Confederate troglodyte and a former Democrat who now feels right at home in the Trump Party.

It is hard to remember that Republicans were once the Party of Lincoln.

But in the 1960s they sold out their birthright to court Southern voters smarting over desegregation. »

Man 'pulled bag of cocaine from penis' after arrest for laughing at cops

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The 21-year-old was arrested for being drunk and disorderly after swearing at police one too many times after an incident at a student accommodation.

Mason then "removed his trousers, pulled back his foreskin and pulled a white bag of powder from his penis".

Social media users poked fun at Mason, with one saying "Did they also check to see if he had any crack cocaine?". »

Father in-law is boarding with us and keeps fire arms under his bed despite our specific requests to have no fire arms in the house. All gun related opinions aside, he has repeatedly ignored this rule

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All gun related opinions aside, he has repeatedly ignored this rule to the point where our 15 month old found a firearm and he truly didn't see what the problem was.

Other than the odd disagreement over the last 10 years, no real issues, so moving in truly wasn't a concern.

At the time he grumbled a wee bit, but ultimately organized to keep his gun safe at a hunting buddies place. »

The Life of Silas Soule

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After Glorietta Pass, the 1st Regiment was officially converted to a cavalry unit and stationed throughout Colorado Territory.

Commanding Officer Colonel John Chivington promoted Soule to Captain and assigned him to Fort Lyon along the Santa Fe Trail.

In April of 1865, Silas Soule married Hersa Coberly and the couple made their home in Denver. »

Why don't we ever call white extremists terrorists?

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There have been at least 10 acts of terror carried out by white American men in the first 11 months of 2018 alone.

That's because, according to President Trump's rules of engagement, terrorism seems like a word exclusively reserved for Muslims and immigrants.

White men are responsible for 71 percent of extremist-related deaths in America over the last 10 years, according to the Anti-Defamation League. »