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Saturday November 24th, 2018 morning edition

image for ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Reveals J.K. Rowling Has the Same Problem George Lucas Did — Analysis

However, so much about what “Crimes of Grindelwald” prioritizes makes it seem like Rowling has lost her focus on what made people fall in love with these stories.

LIZ: “Fantastic Beasts” is not the first time the person responsible for creating a franchise has compromised the quality of future installments.

The most infamous example is George Lucas: While he did write and direct the first “Star Wars” film, “Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi” were helmed by others (albeit with him producing).

KATE: After enduring “The Crimes of Grindelwald” and spending the aftermath attempting to untangle its many narrative threads — so many of them unnecessary!

), I am willing to suggest that “Fantastic Beasts” is in danger of going the “Star Wars” prequel route.

LIZ: Those are all important factors, especially the part where Rowling remains at the center of it.

Though perhaps there is an upside to this: These problems all stem from Rowling — which means she still has the power to fix them. »

Uber driver admitted to having my phone. 5 days and no communication on intent to return. Uber now says if driver still has it and is willing to return it, I’d get it back. : legaladvice

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Uber now says if driver still has it and is willing to return it, I’d get it back.

On November 18, 2018 (Sunday), my 17 month old baby and I took an Uber with a driver named Elizabeth.

They also noted they are on standby to help formal police inquiry and gave me the information for police to contact them. »

Opinion | Red Dead Redemption 2 Is True Art

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Yes, many video games are violent and frivolous, and the most devoted players still tend to be young and male.

If ever a video game has risen to the level of those classics, it’s Red Dead Redemption 2.

Instead of indulging no-regrets fantasy violence, it is a literary experience that emphasizes — and simulates — tragedy and personal consequences. »

Luckiest Hunting Rifle Shot Ever : FortNiteBR

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Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play Battle Royale game mode within the Fortnite Universe.

You can access the co-op Fortnite: Save The World subreddit at /r/Fortnite.

Mobile users are welcome to discuss their platform here, but can also visit /r/FortniteMobile. »

Trump Foundation lawsuit: Judge rejects Trump claim that he can't be sued

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Scarpulla also rejected Trump's argument that the state court lacked jurisdiction over the president in this case.

The Trump Foundation suit, filed by Underwood in Manhattan state Supreme Court, alleged that Trump had misused the Trump Foundation "for his own personal benefit.".

After Underwood first filed the suit in June, Trump had vented rage on Twitter against "the sleazy New York Democrats.". »