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Friday November 23rd, 2018 evening edition

image for Scientist unveils blueprint to save bees and enrich farmers

The collapse in bee populations can be reversed if countries adopt a new farmer-friendly strategy, the architect of a new masterplan for pollinators will tell the UN biodiversity conference this week.

More than 80% of food crops require pollination but the populations of insects that do most of this work have collapsed.

Numbers are not available in most countries, but almost all report an alarming decline.

Earlier this year, Brazil, one of the world’s biggest food exporters, went backwards when pro-agribusiness congressmen voted to lift restrictions on pesticides forbidden in other countries.

By contrast, the EU banned the world’s most widely used insecticides – known as neonicotinoids and many European countries are planting wildflowers to attract insects.

When she first suggested a focus on pollinators at the world agricultural conference in 2010, the delegates laughed at her.

“Countries are saying that we are using too many pesticides and the number of birds and bees is going down. »

In a first, FBI to begin collecting national data on police use of force

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Local, state, tribal, and federal jurisdictions can begin submitting data to the FBI via a web application on Jan. 1, 2019.

Law enforcement agencies across the country have come under fire for high-profile incidents of deaths and injuries by police officers.

Members of a use-of-force data collection task force convened by the FBI also say they hope the data will increase transparency and in turn strengthen trust between the community and law enforcement. »

CIA has recording of MBS saying ‘silence Jamal Khashoggi’: report

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Trump, who announced this week that he would not seek to penalize the crown prince, on Thursday came to his defense again.

He also continued to dismiss the CIA’s conclusion that the prince direct­ed the journalist’s murder, saying the agency “points it both ways.”.

And we will not tolerate any discussion of anything that is disparaging towards our monarch or our crown prince. »

King George V was murdered, not euthanised | Letters

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Professor Bryant has not adequately explored the nuances of the death of King George V (Letters, 20 March).

It is misleading to say that the royal family at the time were unaware of the nature of his death.

In fact George’s conscious last words – delivered to a nurse who was administering an injection – were “God damn you!” »