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Monday November 19th, 2018 morning edition

image for Trump Says He Was 'Fully Briefed' and Also 'Not Briefed Yet' But Either Way Saudi Crown Prince 'Absolutely' Not Involved Because Trump Knows 'Everything That Went On' Without Listening to Tape of Khas

I've been fully briefed on it, there's no reason for me to hear it," Trump said in the interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

Trump says he "doesn't want to hear the tape" of Khasoggi's murder b/c "it's a suffering tape.

So, "Is Trump defending the Saudi crown prince after a CIA assessment on the Khashoggi killing?"

Is Trump defending the Saudi crown prince after a CIA assessment on the Khashoggi killing? — TRT World (@trtworld) November 18, 2018.

The CIA may be attempting to discredit Kushner and to detach Trump from his alliance with the crown prince.

Meanwhile, human rights activists Medea Benjamin, said on Twitter, "Even #CIA says #MBS behind murder of #JamalKhashoggi but Trump covers his ears."

Then added: "Trump sees no evil, hears no evil when it comes to evil Saudi crown prince #MBS, who ordered murder of [Khashoggi]. »

Pope decries that 'wealthy few' feast on what belongs to all

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Later, he sat down with 1,500 of the indigent for a lunch of lasagna, chicken, mashed potatoes and tiramisu in a Vatican auditorium.

In his homily, Francis said "we Christians cannot stand with arms folded in indifference or with arms outstretched in helplessness" about those in need.

Francis said the poor were weeping "while the wealthy few feast on what, in justice, belongs to all. »

Lawsuit: 'Predatory' Dartmouth professors plied students with alcohol and raped them

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Tenured professors Todd Heatherton, William Kelley, and Paul Whalen treated women as sex objects, the lawsuit from seven women claims.

As many as 40 current and former female students may be eligible to join the class-action suit, plaintiffs' attorneys told CNN.

"While at Dartmouth, Professor Heatherton did his best to support and promote the careers of all graduate students.". »

High School Sex Ed May Prevent Sexual Assault in College

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Study shows that refusal skills training before age 18 may reduce risk of sexual assault in college.

Students who receive sexuality education, including refusal skills training, before college matriculation are at lower risk of experiencing sexual assault during college, according to new research published today in PLOS ONE.

Students who received refusal skills training also received other forms of sexual education, including instruction about methods of birth control and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. »

School has suspended my 3rd grader for saying the word 'gun'.

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I rushed out of work to get him, and when I got to the school the vice principal had him in the office.

I was told that my son was being suspended for a week, and would be mandated to see a social worker twice a week.

My son was looking really upset at all this, but the vice principal said it was the rules and there was nothing that could be done. »