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Monday November 19th, 2018 evening edition

image for FCC Approves SpaceX Plan to Launch 7,500 Broadband Internet Satellites

The FCC this week unanimously approved SpaceX’s ambitious plan to launch 7,518 satellites into low-Earth orbit.

These satellites, along with 4,425 previously approved satellites, will serve as the backbone for the company’s proposed Starlink broadband network.

As it does with most of its projects, SpaceX is thinking big with its global broadband network.

SpaceX plans initially to launch 4,425 Starlink satellites into a low-Earth orbit followed by an additional 7,518 satellite at an even lower orbit.

FCC rules require SpaceX to launch 50 percent of its proposed satellites within six years and all of them within nine years unless a waiver is granted.

These new SpaceX satellites will increase the number of active satellites six-fold in less than a decade.

As part of its approval, the FCC requires SpaceX to have a debris mitigation plan to keep the space junk problem from getting worse. »

North Carolina teacher missing in Mexico killed by drug cartel member, officials tell family

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A North Carolina teacher who vanished while traveling in Mexico in October was killed by a drug cartel member, his family and the local Mexican governor announced Thursday.

His family announced Thursday on Facebook that Mexican officials had informed them that he was killed.

He said the specific drug dealer suspected is part of the Sinaloa cartel, which was led by Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán, before his capture. »

Why The Friends Cast Went To Vegas Before The Show Premiered

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And it’s only fitting that the show would take the characters on a trip to Vegas that would change the series forever.

Instead of breaking up after a major fight, Chandler and Monica decided to trust their luck and have a quickie Vegas wedding.

Still, all things considered, an evening on the town in Vegas with the cast ofis definitely something worth burning into memory. »

Fallout 76 players launch 3 nukes at once, crash server

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This week we learned what happens when you launch one of Fallout 76's nukes at a fissure site: you spawn a really big, high level Scorchbeast Queen and a bunch of end-game loot.

Well, the players who launched that nuke decided to triple their efforts by launching three nukes, one from each of the missile silos, all at the same time.

They fired their nukes and aimed them at the same spot on the map. »