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Friday November 16th, 2018 day edition

image for Read George RR Martin’s Beautiful 800-Page Apology for the Sixth Game of Thrones Book Delay

Read George RR Martin’s Beautiful 800-Page Apology for the Sixth Game of Thrones Book Delay.

Get excited for some brand new A Song of Ice and Fire content!

George RR Martin might not have released any new chapters from The Winds of Winter but he did release the next best thing: a lengthy apology on his LiveJournal blog.

A Song of Ice and Fire fans have taken to Twitter after reading the blog post and the reviews are mixed.

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Check out the apology for yourself on GRRM’s “Not a Blog” and don’t forget to pre-order the hardcover edition on Amazon.

The full text of George RR Martin’s apology for not finishing The Winds of Winter is available here. »

'SNL's' Kenan Thompson Refuses To Dress In Drag Until The Show Hires A Black Woman

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NBC/"Saturday Night Live" Out of 16 "Saturday Night Live" cast members, currently only three are actors of color — Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharaoh, and the Iranian Nasim Pedrad.

Thompson opened up to TV Guide in a new interview, saying he will no longer dress as women on the show.

When asked what "SNL" will do now when confronted with potential black female characters or celebrity spoofs, Thompson revealed, "I don't know. »

Trump Mulls Letting Turkey Kill U.S. Resident to Help Saudis

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There are more than a few problems with the thesis that Donald Trump only puts “America First” because America does the same for the concept of universal human rights.

But an especially conspicuous one is that the president disdains the concept of human rights more than he reveres his fellow Americans.

Thus, there is little doubt that to expel Gülen to Turkey would be to put the longtime Keystone State resident, and charter-school entrepreneur, in mortal danger. »

Students Across Europe Excoriate World Leaders for Hiding Scientific Reality of Pending 'Global Collapse'

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The U.N. General Assembly, in turn, passed a resolution calling on member states and U.N. bodies to pursue sustainable development.

The students, in their letters, outline the world's past, present, and projected future failures to meet both objectives.

"This is why withholding knowledge about consumption and climate combining to cause collapse is such a truly terrible crime against humanity. »