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Monday November 12nd, 2018 day edition

image for Attacks on the media are a threat to democracy, Trudeau says

When it was his turn to speak, Trudeau acknowledged that throughout history the powerful have tried to silence their critics.

It wasn't clear exactly who Trudeau was referring to with this remark.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was seated beside Russian President Vladimir Putin for the opening session at the Paris Peace Forum Sunday.

"Attacks on the media are not just about getting your preferred political candidate elected," he said.

Citizens are feeling "very real anxiety," Trudeau said, because their jobs are transforming as globalization increases competition around the world.

Trump and Trudeau had a chance to speak Saturday night at a dinner hosted by Macron.

Canada is a "dialogue partner" of the ASEAN group, and Trudeau is scheduled to leave for Singapore Monday afternoon. »

Famed First Amendment lawyer says CNN should sue the White House over Acosta access

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So whether it's CNN suing or the next company suing, someone is going to have to bring a lawsuit.

The White House originally claimed that Acosta placed his hands on an intern who tried to take a microphone from him.

Abrams, the attorney, on Sunday said if the White House claims that Acosta "choked or touched this women — that's a very good reason" to revoke his pass. »

The brilliant idea behind these anti-Elvis buttons

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So, Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, had an idea to free everyone of their money by selling buttons with anti-Presley statements.

These round badges looked similar to the "I Like Elvis" ones that were already being sold but instead read, "I Hate Elvis," "Elvis is a Jerk," and "Elvis is a Joik*."

It's based on Alanna Nash’s 2004 book, The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley. »

University alerts students to danger of leftwing essay

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An essay by a prominent leftwing academic that examines the ethics of socialist revolution has been targeted by a leading university using the government’s counter-terrorism strategy.

Students at the University of Reading have been told to take care when reading an essay by the late Professor Norman Geras, in order to avoid falling foul of Prevent.

Ilyas Nagdee, black students’ officer for the National Union of Students, said the case again highlighted “misunderstanding of the [counter-terrorism guidance].”. »

'I was beginning to lose hope': Woman battles bank for 2 years for information on her own account

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Two years after money was transferred from her account, Rhonda McMillan still doesn't know why the transaction occurred without her authorization.

The banking complaints system is surrounded by secrecy and dominated by the banks, says Wanda Morris, a consumer advocate with CARP.

McMillan says the OBSI investigation is now over and she's waiting to receive a financial settlement from the bank. »