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Saturday November 10th, 2018 night edition

image for How to Reconstruct Lewis and Clark’s Journey: Follow the Mercury-laden Latrine Pits

Specifically, latrines, reports Esther Inglis-Arkell for Related Content When Seals Molt, They Leave Behind Mercury.

Lewis and Clark and their team stopped at more than 600 sites, according to their journals.

Though many were home only for a day, each would have had pits dug to hold their waste.

It turns out that the expedition was well-equipped with the best medicines of the day, which gave each of those latrines a unique mercury-laden signature.

The pills were so strong that people called them "thunderclappers" or "thunderbolts," reports Maurice Possley for the Chicago Tribune.

Experts used this information to pinpoint the location of the campsite just south of modern-day Missoula, Montana.

The others include more permanent forts and Pompeys Pillar on the Yellowstone River near Billings, Montana where Clark carved his initials. »

Trump signs executive order denying asylum to illegal border crossers

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WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump issued an order Friday to deny asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally, tightening the border as caravans of Central Americans slowly approach the United States.

Trump invoked the same powers he used last year to impose a travel ban that was upheld by the Supreme Court.

"We need people in our country but they have to come in legally," Trump said Friday as he departed for Paris. »

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Once Said Jews, Muslims and Atheists Should Not Be Federal Judges

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While Whitaker singled out atheists in particular as being unfit to serve, his comments also extended to Jewish and Muslim Americans.

The Republican nominees were then asked a series of questions about their religious values, including their views on federal judgeships.

Matthew Whitaker was appointed by President Donald Trump as interim attorney general on Wednesday after his predecessor, Jeff Sessions, was suddenly ousted from office. »

Kansas Republican vows to send 'lesbian Indian' Democrat back 'to the reservation'

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Michael Kalny, a Republican who holds the elected position of precinct committeeman in Kansas, was referring to Sharice Davids, an openly gay Native American lawyer running to unseat Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder.

Kalny sent the language in a direct Facebook message to Anne Pritchett, president of the Johnson County Democratic Women’s north chapter.

A Davids victory would make her the first openly gay representative out of Kansas and the first female Native American member of Congress, the Star reported. »