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Saturday November 3rd, 2018 night edition

image for How will dads vote?

New research suggests it may depend on whether they have a first-born daughter.

Dads may be more likely to vote for female political candidates if they have a daughter — but only if the daughter is their first-born child.

Taken together, the impact of a child’s gender on her father’s politics is what the researchers call the "first-daughter effect."

One especially surprising finding: the first-daughter effect made dads more likely to support gun control.

We know from studies by other researchers that men spend more time with their first-born daughter than subsequent daughters.

Fathers of first-born daughters exposed to the "Clintonesque" appeal were significantly more likely to support Molly Smith than fathers of first-born sons.

And even when a father had several daughters, if one of them wasn't first-born, it had no effect on their political views. »

To be clear: Seeking asylum at the border is not illegal

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To be clear: seeking asylum at the border is not illegal, but turning asylum seekers away is illegal.

Providing a bridge to safety to those seeking protection is a responsibility our nation took on after the Holocaust.

Individuals approaching the border must first alert a Customs and Border Patrol agent that they are afraid to return to their home countries. »

US Supreme Court allows historic kids' climate lawsuit to go forward

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A landmark climate-change lawsuit brought by young people against the US government can proceed, the Supreme Court said on 2 November.

But those plans were scrapped last month after President Donald Trump's administration asked the Supreme Court to intervene and dismiss the case.

Although the Supreme Court has now denied the Trump administration's request to the dismiss the case, the path ahead is unclear. »