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Sunday October 28th, 2018 day edition

image for Golden retriever who saved Arizona woman from snake bite named dog of year

A golden retriever who saved an Arizona woman from a rattlesnake in July was named the inaugural winner of the inaugural “Milk-Bone Dog of the Year,” Award, Parade reported.

Todd was bitten and spent 12 hours in an animal hospital before being released.

“I did not see that snake,” Godwin, 44, told ABC News.

Milk-Bone responded by sending a package of treats and then shared a picture of Todd on its Facebook page.

Milk-Bone said its new award will celebrate bravery, overcoming obstacles, strong personality and loyalty traits, Parade reported.

“We are so honored to win the first-ever Milk-Bone Dog of the Year Honor,” Godwin told the magazine.

“To be a part of a celebration like this so rewarding since the Streamys is typically a people-only awards show. »

Jumping Through EULA Hoops

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It was an informational column explaining that you really should read those contracts before you click "I agree."

In 2005, a guy named Doug Heckman read the EULA for PC Pitstop.

He found a line saying that if he e-mailed the company at a certain address, it would send him a check for $1,000. »

50 Cent says he bought 200 front-row tickets to a Ja Rule concert, just so they'd be empty

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50 Cent made his claim on Instagram, complete with a Photoshopped artist’s rendering of the event, which, perhaps unintentionally, also presents a compelling image of what a Hollywood premiere for Den Of Thieves 2 is likely to look like:.

The feud between 50 and Ja Rule stretches back full-on 20 years—having outlasted multiple presidential administrations, several Supreme Court justices, and the productive period of both men’s musical careers—and has encompassed everything from diss tracks to fist fights and the occasional light stabbing.

If this latest claim is true, though, it represents a new psychological height for the beef, as well as for 50 Cent’s ongoing pursuit of spending his money on the pettiest of shit. »

Ireland votes to remove blasphemy from Constitution

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Voters have overwhelmingly supported the proposal to remove blasphemy as an offence from the Constitution.

The Constitution currently holds that blasphemy is a criminal offence and it is defined as such in The Defamation Act of 2009.

Nobody has been prosecuted for the offence in Ireland since 1855, in connection with an alleged case of Bible-burning. »

Apple bars Bloomberg from iPad event as payback for spy chip story

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Meanwhile, Apple has decided to give Bloomberg the old Gizmodo treatment — by banning the company from next week’s “There’s More in the Making” event.

Apple declined to comment but the move is obviously a diss for not retracting the spy chip story.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos both called on Bloomberg to retract its Chinese spy chip story. »