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Wednesday October 24th, 2018 evening edition

image for Asbestos Imports Surge as Trump White House Moves to Keep Deadly Carcinogen Legal

WASHINGTON – Asbestos imports to the U.S. soared by nearly 2,000 percent between July and August, according to federal import data analyzed by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) and Environmental Working Group.

Last week, the White House released its Fall 2018 deregulatory agenda, further indicating that Trump’s EPA, under acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler, has no plans to implement a ban of asbestos.

The last asbestos mine in the U.S. closed in 2002, forcing the chlor-alkali industry and other users to rely on imports.

Last year, the U.S. imported more than 341 metric tons of asbestos, and 2018 imports are expected to double.

“It is clear that under the Trump administration, U.S. asbestos imports and use are not decreasing.

The time is now for the EPA to say no to the asbestos industry and finally ban asbestos without exemptions.”.

ADAO seeks to raise public awareness about the dangers of asbestos exposure, advocate for an asbestos ban, and protect asbestos victims’ civil rights. »

Donald Trump touts nonexistent $450 billion in Saudi orders and 1 million jobs

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Saudi Arabia has ordered $450 billion, "$110 billion of which is a military order," producing "over a million jobs.".

Trump said that Saudi Arabia has ordered $450 billion from U.S. companies, including $110 billion in military contracts, representing over a million jobs.

More importantly, if the $450 billion in orders is a mirage, the 1 million jobs is equally without substance. »

White nationalist Richard Spencer accused of physical abuse by wife

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The wife of the white nationalist Richard Spencer has accused him of emotional and physical abuse, including choking her, dragging her by her hair and attempting to punch her while she was pregnant, according to divorce filings in the Flathead county district court in Montana.

the white nationalist leader would sometimes tell her when he was angry, she claimed in the divorce filings.

In the divorce filings, his wife argued that Spencer’s abusive behavior, drinking and white nationalist political activism put their children at risk. »

A chemical criterion for rating movies

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The isoprene concentration in the air is an objective indicator for setting the age rating of films.

Tension in the air: the more nervous moviegoers are, the more isoprene they emit - a measurable indication of how stressful a film is.

© 123RF/Ints Vikmanis Tension in the air: the more nervous moviegoers are, the more isoprene they emit - a measurable indication of how stressful a film is. »

Parents shocked to learn examiner kept son's brain

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"They saw this jar with a brain in it labeled Jesse Shipley," recalls Korisha Shipley, whose daughter Shannon came home in tears that day delivering the news.

They were looking at his brain, and his brain was looking right back at them," the father adds.

The couple are now suing the city for the emotional distress caused by the handling of their son's remains. »