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Friday October 19th, 2018 day edition

image for Neither Voter Suppression Nor Being Called 'Coon' and the N-Word Will Stop Black Georgia From Voting

They’ve grown especially ugly since Abrams won the Democratic nomination in her quest to lead Georgia.

The Abrams campaign signs Jenkins placed on her lawn were frequently stolen; she would replace them.

But then came the one-word, handwritten messages on white pieces of paper that started showing up in her mailbox.

They especially don’t want us to go vote for someone who may be able to help us.”.

Georgia made national headlines recently after the Associated Press found that 70 percent of the voter registration applications being held up by Kemp, who is also Georgia’s secretary of state, are African American.

Most civil rights groups consider it a voter suppression tactic.

Maybe that’s why Jenkins kept knowledge of voter intimidation tactics to herself; because they are neither new nor does she expect them to work. »

(Texas) Power of attorney seems fishy? : legaladvice

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I do remember my parents dragging me into an SSA office when I was younger and they made me sign some document without me reading it.

They just told me to sign it without question and being my parents I didn't think to question them.

Later they told me that I had signed away my rights (their phrasing) and that they now have power over me. »

Rape suspect cleared by DNA sues cops, city for false arrest, defamation

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The city has not yet been served with the lawsuit, Assistant City Attorney Kristen Rewa said.

He said he was under investigation, but not charged, in a burglary and arson when he was arrested for the gunpoint rape.

Allegations in the lawsuit include malicious prosecution, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment. »

‘L’appel du vide’ – The call of the void – Pi Media

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There were numerous paranoid reddit threads, tumblr posts and definitions, from Collins to Urban Dictionary, demanding explanations for their seemingly suicidal urges.

Some more research yielded scholarly articles, which gave the French phrase a proper English translation termed ‘High Place Phenomenon’ (HPP).

If an individual is more sensitive to these safety signals, then they will be more likely to experience the phenomenon. »

Saudi Arabia reportedly plans to admit Khashoggi was murdered and use top general close to crown prince as scapegoat

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Saudi Arabia is reportedly planning to admit to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Saudi Arabia reportedly plans to admit that missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered by Saudi agents, but will put the blame on a rogue general acting beyond his authority.

According to The Daily Beast, Saudi officials plan to say the unnamed general secured approval from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to interrogate Khashoggi. »