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Thursday October 18th, 2018 morning edition

image for Toronto police to Canadians: stop snitching on your neighbors about marijuana

The Toronto Police Service has a message for Canadians: Please stop narcing on your neighbors about marijuana.

Do not call police for this ^sm — Toronto Police (@TorontoPolice) October 16, 2018.

Asking police to call your friend because you are out of minutes is not a 911 call.

Do not call police for this ^sm — Toronto Police (@TorontoPolice) October 16, 2018.

Do not call police for this ^sm — Toronto Police (@TorontoPolice) October 16, 2018.

This will allow both Canadians and travelers to the country to legally buy marijuana for recreational use for the first time.

There’s one major exception: Ontario, Canada’s most populous province and where Toronto is located, won’t allow sales until April. »

Checking Virginity= Sexual assault : legaladvice

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About 6 years, a trusted a doctor, who was also my halaqa (Islamic studies) teacher, did this to me when I came in to her office.

She was only supposed to check to see if I had an infection, but she decided to look much deeper and check my hymen.

I do not know if this was considered sexual assault, in a legal sense, but I did feel very uncomfortable that she asked for my sexual history. »

Saudi Consul fired and placed under investigation after he is 'recorded saying 'Do this outside; you're going to get me in trouble' during torture of journalist'

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Saudi Arabia's Consul General in Istanbul was sacked today and placed under investigation over the alleged torture and murder of a dissident journalist.

Mr al-Otaibi is said to have been recorded in a seven-minute audio clip during the alleged torture of Mr Khashoggi, saying: "Do this outside; you’re going to get me in trouble.".

Mr Pompeo said they promised to carry out a “complete and transparent investigation” and “hold anyone connected to any wrongdoing ... accountable”. »

Up to 9.5 million net neutrality comments were made with stolen identities

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The New York attorney general's office is widening an investigation into fraudulent net neutrality comments, saying it estimates that up to 9.5 million comments were submitted using stolen identities.

The NY AG last year said it found 2 million net neutrality comments filed in people's names without their knowledge; some comments were submitted under the names of dead people.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's "Restoring Internet Freedom" proceeding that led to the death of federal net neutrality rules attracted nearly 24 million public comments. »

Why Narcissistic Parents Treat Their Children Like Babies

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Imagine you have a young daughter who’s just learned to tie the laces on her sneaker.

Parents who overparent, the authors argue, can “impede on appropriate development of young adult independence” (p. 3650).

Its most damaging effects, they go on to argue, are most “troubling for the psychological development of young adult children” (p. 3651). »