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Tuesday October 16th, 2018 night edition

image for Turing Recreates Scene of Iconic Lunar Landing

If you’re going to fake a moon landing, you’re going to need the world’s most advanced GPUs.

Four years ago, our demo team used GPUs to debunk the myth that the Apollo 11 moon landing was a hoax.

So thoroughly, in fact, that it’s become a bit of a joke that the best way to have actually faked the moon landing would’ve been to use technology that didn’t exist at the time.

“Using this type of rendering technology, we can simulate light physics and things are going to look the way things should look.”.

Prior to RTX technology, only special effects rendering farms working for weeks or months on a single scene could manage this.

To update our original demo, NVIDIA engineers rebuilt the scene of the moon landing in Unreal Engine 4, a game engine developed by Epic Games.

Or NASA figured going to the moon was too hard, built a time machine instead, and sent someone 50 years into the future to grab an NVIDIA RTX GPU. »

Gainesville barbershop co-owner arrested in sex sting

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DAYTONA BEACH — A Gainesville barber was one of seven men arrested in a Volusia County internet sex sting.

Bowen got what he claimed he was looking for and was arrested, the release said.

He had had sexually charged chats and texts with an undercover detective he believed was a 14-year-old girl. »

HyunA Revealed She Was Treated Unfairly By Cube Entertainment In Hand-Written Letter To CEO

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It has been reported that HyunA had sent a letter to Cube Entertainment CEO, Shin Dae Nam, before the agency announced that their exclusive contract was canceled.

In the hand-written letter, HyunA explained how she was treated unfairly and requested for things to be resolved amicably.

As requested by the idol herself, Cube Entertainment announced on October 15th that they would be parting ways with HyunA. »

Jayme Closs subject of Amber Alert after parents found dead

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(CNN) A 13-year-old girl is missing and believed in danger after her parents were found slain in their northwestern Wisconsin home, authorities said.

An Amber Alert has been issued for Jayme Closs, whose parents were found dead in their home near Barron shortly after someone there called 911 early Monday, the Barron County Sheriff's Department said.

Investigators are trying to find out not only where Jayme is, but what led to her parents' deaths. »

Millennials Need to Start Voting Before the Gerontocracy Kills Us All

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Although America’s voting-age population includes a roughly equal number of millennials and baby-boomers, the 2016 electorate featured 14 million more of the latter.

The consequences of that election have not persuaded America’s (predominantly left-leaning) millennial nonvoters of the importance of political participation.

But if America’s suppressive voting laws, and the Democrats’ political failings, are the biggest obstacles to smashing the gerontocracy, they aren’t the only ones. »