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Saturday October 13rd, 2018 morning edition

image for An Atheist Charity is Suing the IRS After Having Its Tax Exemption Revoked

The most famous example of this involves a case in which FFRF’s co-presidents applied to the IRS for a tax break on their housing — just like the “Parsonage Allowance” that pastors receive.

They didn’t get it, and their lawsuit over the matter is currently waiting for a decision from an appeals court.

For the past few years, Nonbelief Relief has chosen not to file its Form 990s.

And in August, the IRS sent a letter to FFRF saying that Nonbelief Relief’s tax exemption was being revoked — a move that would seriously curtail donations to the organization since contributions would no longer be tax-deductible.

But why should churches, and not charitable atheist organizations, be allowed to get away with this lack of transparency?.

“We’re just doing the same thing that churches do, and church-related groups, and they do not lose their tax exemption for not filing, so why should we?”.

FFRF is demanding that the tax exemption for Nonbelief Relief be reinstated or that the IRS start treating all non-profits equally. »

TIL of Bob Fletcher, a man who took care of the farms of three Japanese American families while they were interned during World War 2. By keeping their farms running and paying their taxes and mortgages, he ensured the families didn't lose everything. He was even shot at for supporting them.

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FirstName:Robert Emmett, Jr.; LastName:Fletcher; DisplayName:Bob Fletcher; BirthDate:1911-07-26; DeathDate:2013-05-23; BirthLocation:San Francisco; Gender:Male; Ethnicity:White; GenerationIdentifier:; Nationality:; ExternalResourceLink:; PrimaryGeography:Florin, California; Religion:;.

Farmer, fireman, and community historian best known for safeguarding the farms of expelled Japanese Americans in Florin, California, during World War II.

He died at the age of 101, his actions celebrated in obituaries in the New York Times and other newspapers. »

Jamal Khashoggi case: All the latest updates

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Audio, video recordings prove Khashoggi killed inside consulate: report.

US and Turkish officials told The Washington Post there are audio and video recordings proving Khashoggi was tortured and murdered inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Video recordings show a Saudi assassination team seizing the journalist after he walked in on October 2. »

Trump signs bill that ensures music streaming services pay artist royalties

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“Certain entertainers have been taken advantage for years, but no longer — thanks to Trump.

The new law, in part, also ensures that songwriters and artists get royalties on songs recorded before 1972.

The legislation, updating music copyright law, combines the Allocation for Music Producers Act, which provides royalties for music producers; the CLASSICS Act, which provides royalties for songs created before 1972 from digital streaming services; and a watered-down Fair Play, Fair Pay Act, which does not include the provision that broadcast radio should pay for songs. »