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Friday October 12nd, 2018 evening edition

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with a bone saw” by a 15-person team, dispatched from Saudi Arabia to make the vociferous critic of Salman’s government disappear.

Perhaps most significant, the two struck a deal for a $110 billion weapons sale—not a bad inducement if you’re trying to get the future king’s blessing for your Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

In March, the prince’s entourage almost single-handedly boosted revenue at Trump’s New York hotel by 13 percent.

Presumably, Kushner and M.B.S. had discussed plans to get a boys trip on the calendar in between work and family commitments.

The president expressed reluctance to punish Saudi Arabia by cutting off arms sales, as some in Washington were proposing.

Kanye West to Donald Trump: “Time Is a Myth” and Other S--t That Made No Sense (The Slot).

Daughter of woman whose “emotional support” squirrel got her kicked off flight says she’s “upset and angry” (N.Y.D.N.). »

Uber CEO pulls out of Saudi conference after journalist's disappearance

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Hong Kong (CNN Business) Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has become the latest top business leader to distance himself from the Saudi government as it faces mounting questions over its role in the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Khosrowshahi said in a statement late Thursday that he is withdrawing from a major business conference in the kingdom this month at which he was due to speak.

His announcement is particularly significant because Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund is a big shareholder in Uber. »

Kanye West is no victim; he's a fully-grown, ignorant man-child

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Yep, after faithfully stroking the President's ego, Kanye West finally got his narcissistic wish.

While Trump is known for exploiting any and everything -- even the September 11th terrorist attacks -- Kanye West is no victim.

Moreover, it is wildly offensive to conflate having mental health issues and displaying erratic behavior with being a willfully ignorant man-child, which is what Kanye West has become. »

Barnes and Noble to open new concept store that focuses on books

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They focused on primarily adding a full restaurant experience where people can buy food and drinks and read their favorite book.

Staff at the new store will be equipped with tablets to be able to assist customers anywhere in the store.

Self-serve kiosks throughout the store will enable customers to research and locate books throughout the store. »

‘I Fundamentally Believe That My Time at Reddit Made the World a Worse Place’

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This interview features Dan McComas, the former senior vice-president for product of Reddit and the founder and CEO of Imzy, a community-focused platform.

I came in to work at Reddit officially in 2011, and kept doing Reddit Gifts and also being involved with the Reddit side.

I fundamentally believe that my time at Reddit made the world a worse place. »