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Monday October 8th, 2018 night edition

image for Stan Lee Breaks His Silence: Those I Trusted Betrayed Me

Lee subsequently filed suit against Jerry Olivarez, a former business associate of his daughter J.C.’s and the co-founder of Hands of Respect.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe alone has grossed nearly $18 billion globally while turning Lee’s creations—and Lee himself—into household names.

“The closest thing I can say is that they [Lee and J.C.] have a Kennedyesque relationship.

If it weren’t for the narcotics mellowing him, I’d like to believe that Lee would immediately eject himself from his recliner and demand a handler-free conservatorship.

STAN: I’ve been an Angeleno now for 40 years, so I’m pretty used to it.

STAN: I wish that everyone would be as abusive to me as JC. J.C. LEE: [Interjecting] He wishes everyone was so abusive.

STAN: Maybe a little more after me, because she’s more interested in the way things work in business. »

Trust in Vladimir Putin declines steeply among Russians, poll shows

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Trust in Vladimir Putin and Russia’s ruling party have declined steeply over the past year with analysts pointing to the government’s controversial pension changes as the main reason.

In a poll by the independent Levada Centre, 39% of Russians listed Putin as a politican they trust.

That is a 20% decrease from November 2017, when Putin was named by 59% of Russians, according to the same polling agency. »

Indian schoolgirls beaten for resisting boys' sexual advances

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Thirty-six Indian schoolgirls have been treated in hospital after they were attacked by a large crowd of teenage boys and their parents when they complained of sexual harassment.

The girls argued back and some physically remonstrated with the teenage boys, who initially backed off.

Police say a group of the boys and some of their parents returned about 20 minutes later carrying bamboo sticks and iron rods. »

Viral “Manspreading” Video is Staged Kremlin Propaganda

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The video went viral worldwide after it was published by In The Now – an English language social media channel owned by RT (Russia Today), which addresses international audiences.

Click here to watch In The Now’s viral video.

The video also tells that “some say it’s all staged,” and social media users have indeed questioned its authenticity. »