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Sunday October 7th, 2018 day edition

image for Scientists develop a universal vaccine platform that’s cheaper and shelf stable, cutting the cost of vaccine production and storage by 80% without decreasing safety or effectiveness - the vaccine will not expire at warm temperatures and could be stockpiled at room temperature for years.

Currently, many vaccines have to be manufactured in cell culture or eggs, which is expensive and carries the risk of contaminations.

In tropical and subtropical regions, such cold storage requirements could contribute to more than 80 percent of the vaccine cost.

“Importantly, this vaccine technology could potentially serve as a universal platform for development of live-attenuated vaccines for many viral pathogens.”.

Because DNA molecules are shelf stable, the vaccine will not expire at warm temperatures and could be stockpiled at room temperature for years.

Using UTMB’s Zika vaccine as a model, the research group showed that the DNA platform worked very efficiently in mice.

“We will continue testing this promising Zika vaccine platform and then apply the platform to other viruses.”.

Other authors include UTMB’s Jing Zou, Xuping Xie, Huanle Luo, Chao Shan, Antonio Muruato, Scott Weaver and Tian Wang. »

Scott Wilson, Actor in 'The Walking Dead' and 'In Cold Blood,' Dies at 76

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"We are deeply saddened to report that Scott Wilson, the incredible actor who played Hershel on #TheWalkingDead, has passed away at the age of 76," the statement read.

The character he embodied on The Walking Dead, Hershel, lived at the emotional core of the show.

Like Scott in our lives, Hershel was a character whose actions continue to inform our characters’ choices to this day. »

Police drone finds girl, 16, who called 999 to report rape

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The 16-year-old called emergency services in the early hours of Saturday to say she was on land somewhere in Boston, Lincolnshire, with her attacker.

The force said the thermal drone was used to find the girl and guide officers to her within minutes.

Lincs Police Drones (@lincsCOPter) High risk missing girl contacts police states she been raped & is still with the offender. »

Costa Rica Surpasses 98% of Clean Energy Generation for Fourth Year in a Row

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Costa Rica surpassed the fourth consecutive year producing 98% of clean energy generation in its National Electric System (SEN).

On Wednesday, October 3, the electricity generated from renewable sources: water, wind, Geothermal, biomass and solar, have represented 98.15% of the total energy produced in the country.

Which means that the accumulated percentage of renewable energy generation for the year remains over 98% and it could increase slightly. »

'The Walking Dead' Star Scott Wilson Has Died

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The Walking Dead star Scott Wilson has passed away at the age of 76.

Wilson was confirmed to be returning to The Walking Dead during the New York Comic Con panel being held at Madison Square Garden.

Wilson reprised the role of Hershel Greene in voice form for The Walking Dead's Robot Chicken special. »