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Friday October 5th, 2018 day edition

image for 60 students without vaccines kept out of school in Fargo, West Fargo

In West Fargo, 42 students were excluded from school for not complying with immunization requirements, according to district spokeswoman Heather Leas.

The number of exclusions wasn't as high in Fargo, where 18 students were excluded district-wide.

In the Bismarck School District, the Bismarck Tribune reported that 50 students were excluded Monday, Oct. 1, which was the statewide deadline requiring districts to exclude students from class until they meet immunization requirements, or have an exemption on file.

If a student has an immunization appointment scheduled, the student can stay in school and staff will follow up with the family after the appointment to confirm the immunization was administered.

She said required vaccines are based on birthdays and the district sends letters to parents reminding them to update immunization records.

School officials in Bismarck said the dozens of exclusions there were due in part to a new state requirement regarding the meningococcal vaccine.

In previous years, students entering seventh and 10th grades needed only one dose, but now a second dose is required for juniors and seniors. »

Airlines can't kick people off overbooked planes under pending law that brings sweeping changes

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The legislation bars passengers from being kicked off overbooked planes, a response to airport officers dragging a 69-year-old man off a United Express plane last year.

The Senate passed legislation Wednesday that authorizes about $90 billion for federal aviation programs over the next five years.

Lawmakers also included provisions to reduce the amount of time that passengers spend going through security checks. »

Girl, 8, pulls a 1,500-year-old sword from a lake in Sweden

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An eight-year-old found a pre-Viking-era sword while swimming in a lake in Sweden during the summer.

Saga Vanecek found the relic in the Vidostern lake while at her family's holiday home in Jonkoping County.

"It's not every day that you step on a sword in the lake!" »

Mysterious hole shooting out flames in Arkansas stumps officials: We've 'ruled out' Satan

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Images of the red-orange flames and heat from the fire were embedded in the minds of those who witnessed the scene.

The hole opened up on a private property in Midway, Arkansas, nearly a month ago — on Sept. 17 — and yet it is still stumping investigators.

So far, none of the guesses have proved to be correct, Baxter County Judge Mickey Pendergrass told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. »