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Thursday October 4th, 2018 night edition

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In the spring of 2016, Eric Trump got a great deal from his father.

He bought two previously unsold condominium apartments at Trump Parc East for just $350,000 each, about half of the price they had recently been listed for.

But they might not have been taxed that way, tax experts said, because of advantages available only to real estate developers.

If he had simply given the apartment to Eric for free, Trump could have incurred up to 40 percent tax on its market price.

But the sale for $350,000 could have been arranged to look like a “fair market sale” and not a gift.

Without the president’s tax returns, we might never know if Trump reported the $350,000 sales to Eric as gifts.

The president’s two oldest sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., are now in charge of selling the 14 remaining apartments in the building owned by the Trump Organization. »

U.S. not invited to Canada’s upcoming trade meeting — only ‘like minded’ nations allowed

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READ MORE: Canada to host meeting on World Trade Organization reform, but without U.S. and China for now.

“We think that the best way to sequence the discussion is to start with like-minded people, and that’s whom we have invited and they’re coming,” Carr told The Canadian Press.

Asked what his message to Americans is in the meantime, Carr replied: “That a rules-based system is good for them too.”. »

Osaka drops San Francisco as sister city over 'comfort women' statue

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The city of Osaka has ended its 60-year “sister city” relationship with San Francisco to protest against the presence in the US city of a statue symbolising Japan’s wartime use of sex slaves.

“Breaking the relationship over a memorial is outrageous and absurd,” said Lillian Sing, co-chair of the Comfort Women Justice Coalition.

“It shows how afraid the Osaka mayor and Japanese prime minister are of truth and are trying to deny history.”. »

Massive revelation in iBurst tower battle

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Dorny told The Star that she and her son are spending alternate nights at her mother’s house to get some relief.

“We’ve told our son that the tower is only switched on one day a week, so it’s not psychosomatic,” McGregor told The Star.

“In other words the iBurst tower did not increase the radiation in the area significantly above the level already present for a long time.”. »