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Thursday October 4th, 2018 evening edition

image for Osaka drops San Francisco as sister city over 'comfort women' statue

Mayor of Japanese city says memorial for women used as sex slaves in Japan is not historically accurate.

The city of Osaka has ended its 60-year “sister city” relationship with San Francisco to protest against the presence in the US city of a statue symbolising Japan’s wartime use of sex slaves.

The statue depicts three women – from China, Korea and the Philippines – who symbolise women and teenage girls forced to work in frontline brothels from the early 1930s until Japan’s wartime defeat in 1945.

The statue in San Francisco is one of dozens erected in South Korea and overseas in recent years but the first to appear in a major US city.

“Breaking the relationship over a memorial is outrageous and absurd,” said Lillian Sing, co-chair of the Comfort Women Justice Coalition.

“It shows how afraid the Osaka mayor and Japanese prime minister are of truth and are trying to deny history.”.

In addition Japan set up the Reconciliation and Healing Foundation, a 1 billion yen fund to care for the dwindling number of surviving women. »

A brief jog sharpens the mind, boosting attentional control and perceptual speed. Now researchers are figuring out why

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If you wanted to ensure your mind was in top gear, which do you think would provide the better preparation – 15 minutes of calm relaxation, or a 15 minute jog?.

A study involving 101 undergrad students suggests you’d be better off plumping for the latter.

Evidence had already accumulated showing that relatively brief, moderate aerobic exercise – like going for a brisk walk or a jog – has immediate benefits for mental functioning, especially speed and attentional control. »

Amazon's hourly workers lose monthly bonuses and stock awards as minimum wage increases

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Amazon's minimum-wage increase for its hourly workers comes with a trade-off: no more monthly bonuses and stock awards.

Amazon confirmed in an email to CNBC that the company is getting rid of incentive pay and stock option awards as it increases the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

The company, however, stressed that the wage increase "more than compensates" for the loss in other benefits. »

'Siri, I'm getting pulled over': A new shortcut for iPhones can automatically record the police

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But Robert Petersen of Arizona has developed a more serious shortcut: It's called Police, and it monitors police interactions so you have a record of what happened.

Once the shortcut is installed and configured, you just have to say, for example, "Hey Siri, I'm getting pulled over."

It also sends a quick text to a predetermined contact to tell them you've been pulled over, and it starts recording using the iPhone's front-facing camera. »