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Monday October 1st, 2018 night edition

image for 3-day weekends would make people happier and more productive, according to a new Oxford University study

According to a new study from Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford, a four day working week would actually be a great idea for productivity and employee happiness.

Over six months, associate professor of economics and strategy Jan-Emmanuel De Neve studied the happiness and productivity of 5,000 call centre workers from 20 BT offices.

Workers were asked to rate their happiness every week on a scale from one to five.

There was no real improvement in work quality in the trial, but employees did enjoy having a three day weekend.

De Neve told The Telegraph this is a neurobiological effect of having a shorter working week.

There may not be an immediate change in productivity if a four day week was introduced, but it's definitely a possibility.

More evidence is probably needed before we're likely to see a major adjustment to the way we work. »

Hopkins researchers recommend reclassifying psilocybin, the drug in 'magic' mushrooms, from schedule I to schedule IV

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Schedule IV drugs are those that have a low potential for abuse or dependence.

As for safety, studies show it frequently falls at the end of the scales with the least harm to users and society, say the researchers.

The researchers foresee that the process for psilocybin use in the clinic would be similar to how an anesthesiologist prescribes and administers a drug, minimizing the potential for abuse or harm. »

Facebook hack gets worse as company admits Instagram and other apps were exposed too

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But it later said that the problem would also affect its "Facebook Login" service, which allows other apps to use people's Facebook account to login.

2/9 Limit old posts Annoyingly, changing this has no effect on who’s able to see your past Facebook posts.

That might include other Facebook apps like Instagram but also third-party ones that use the login service, such as Tinder. »

[Update] Being sued for helping a choking victim. (OR) : legaladvice

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TL;DR of last post: Got a letter from a firm to prepare for a lawsuit for battery to someone i preformed the Heimlich on.

I appreciate everyone’s support, excluding the people who made fun of my mother’s death or tried to figure out where i lived.

TL;DR: Friend made a fake letter from a law firm, soon he might be able to sue me for battery. »

Senior doctors accuse Government of deliberately underfunding NHS to accelerate privatisation plans

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The government is deliberately underfunding the NHS in an attempt to speed up its plans to privatise the health service, senior doctors have said.

“We are a rich nation, we are a civilised society, the public deserve a safe, civilised health service.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: “While of course there are pressures on the front line, the Government has invested record funding in the NHS. »