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Thursday September 27th, 2018 morning edition

image for When a competitor tried to buy Starbucks, Howard Schultz was rescued by Bill Gates Sr.

Starbucks probably would not be what it is today without William H. Gates Sr., a lawyer and father of the Bill Gates who co-founded Microsoft.

The attorney was instrumental in helping former CEO Howard Schultz buy the coffee company in 1987.

Schultz first joined Starbucks in 1982, a year after he stepped foot in the original store in Seattle.

"I met the founders and over the course of a year, I persuaded them to hire me," he tells Guy Raz on an episode of NPR's podcast, "How I Built This.".

After a business trip to Milan inspired Schultz to bring the Italian coffeehouse tradition to the U.S., he left Starbucks in 1983 to start his own company, Il Giornale coffeehouses.

Then, in 1987, the founder of Starbucks, Jerry Baldwin, looked to sell the six-store company for $3.8 million.

Schultz was the first person to come to mind and Baldwin offered him a 90-day exclusive to raise the money. »

Diplomats Say They Were Definitely Laughing At Trump At The UN

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Trump, however, insisted later in the day that they weren't laughing at him, saying, "People had a good time with me.

NEW YORK — Donald Trump’s speech to the UN was met by widespread laughter, and diplomats have confirmed that their delegations were laughing at — not with — the US president.

On Wednesday, Trump argued during a news conference that "they weren't laughing at me, they were laughing with me.". »

The billionaire LA Times owner calls social media the 'cancer of our time'

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Soon-Shiong, a former surgeon turned entrepreneur, told "Squawk Alley" that "I say it's the cancer of our time and social media is a form of metastasis of news.

Soon-Shiong, born in South Africa and currently living in Los Angeles, is not the only high-level entrepreneur to publicly criticize social media.

WATCH: The man who "invented" the #hashtag and how it changed social media. »

PlayStation backs down in Fortnite cross-play row

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Sony is to let gamers on PlayStation consoles play against those using rival devices, the company has announced.

Many games already let those using a PC, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One play together online, but Sony had refused to take part.

Sony was criticised in June after it blocked PlayStation gamers from using their Fortnite accounts on the newly launched Nintendo Switch version. »

Trump calls on Kurdish reporter by saying 'Mr. Kurd'

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"Yes, please, Mr. Kurd, go ahead" Trump said in a press conference at the United Nations in New York while calling on a journalist.

The journalist responded by asking Trump a question about what U.S. relations will be with the Kurds post-Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Trump replied that the U.S. gives considerable assistance to the Kurds, before saying that thousands of Kurds died fighting ISIS. »