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Wednesday September 26th, 2018 evening edition

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KUALA LUMPUR (BLOOMBERG) - Public outrage over a death penalty handed to a 29-year-old man is spurring Malaysia to start talks to legalise marijuana for medical use, racing to become the first Asian country to do so.

For now, the focus is on overturning a death sentence handed last month to a man convicted of possessing, processing and distributing medicinal marijuana oil.

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, 93, has said the verdict and law should be reviewed in the country, where Muslims make up more than half of the population.

The Cabinet has reached consensus to remove capital punishment in the man's case, but garnering support for legalising medical marijuana will be "an uphill battle", Dr Xavier said.

"It will take a bit of encouragement and convincing as far as this topic is concerned," he said at his office.

In South-east Asia, drug trafficking is often punishable by death, with little distinction made between marijuana and hard drugs like cocaine.

Not for social purposes, for medicinal purposes - yes, it should be allowed to be used. »

A California girl can attend school with her cannabis-based medicine, court rules

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Story Highlights A California school district didn't want kindergartner to attend class because she takes cannabis medicine to control seizures.

(CNN) — It took a fight in court, but a 5-year-old girl will be allowed to bring her cannabis-based medicine to school and attend class with other students, according to a ruling by a California administrative court on Friday.

The reason, the district said, was that it had legal concerns about having the cannabis oil on public school property, according to the court documents. »

Divorce Risk Rises in Study of People With Uneven "Sex Ratios" at Work

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The study showed that married individuals have a higher risk of divorce when the “adult sex ratios” of their office present more members of the opposite sex.

This proved especially true for men, especially those who are more highly educated.

But if you are going through some relationship issues, scientists luckily have some advice on how to deal with that heartache. »